Dragons, swords and my friends are merceneries

Dragons, swords and my friends are merceneries

A Story by Nanaki

Rayne derigus, bryst, danastri and quint are mercs. they have a contract to complete to reap the rewards. simple. what could go wrong


“Why the f**k would you stab it there?!”

“Well i would have thought that was obvious? To kill it and fulfill the contract!”

“You stab it in the eye, the head not its bloody nose you fool!”

“ Quint,  Derigus! Will the pair of you shut it and run!” Rayne shouted. “There’s a dragon behind us if you hadn’t noticed and were under-f*****g-ground!”

To Raynes left the two picked up their pace. To his right both Bryst and Danastri were anxiously checking behind them. Rayne looked back. The pitch black that followed there last torch was endless and then.. Fire!

The dragon had reared its scaly head round a turn in the vast tunnel they were fleeing through. It was enormous. Easily big enough to swallow a house whole. As it rounded the corner the party put everything into sprinting as far away as possible.

Rayne made that they were at least 300 metres ahead of the beast. Enough to evade its breath...barely.

“Are we calling this one a failure and regrouping?” Danastri asked.

“There may not be a next time! Thanks to Derigus’ decision to give a dragon a nose job!” Quint raged.

“Oh shut up!” Derigus bellowed back “The spear was long enough, not my fault it’s skulls as strong as Iron!”

Bryst barged between them “I dont give a s**t about who did what right now!” The old man spat “What i do care about is getting out of here now focus!”

The old man whipped round aiming his staff high and shot a blast out of the end. The ceiling of the tunnel exploded. With a smirk on his face Bryst broke into a sprint as boulders the size of castle gates began to fall.

The tunnel echoed as the rock crashed to the floor and the dust settled. Bryst motioned for the rest to stop and marvel at the block hed created. “There we go.”

Quint patted Bryst on the shoulder “Wish you’d thought of that five minutes ago.”

The crash was deafening and the roar that followed was worse. The dragon sent a breath of flame through the doorway it had created.

“S**t..” Derigus sighed.

“There ahead!” Rayne said eyeing the four who were rooted to the spot. “An opening. Big enough for us but not scaly back there.”

“Pfft Scaly!? S**t name for a dragon mate.” Quint laughed.

“Now? Really?” Rayne replied, eyebrows raised.

‘Sigh’ “Yeah your right, come on then gang.” Quint said breaking into a run still grinning as he passed Rayne.


© 2019 Nanaki

Author's Note

work in progress. started a while ago. only just felt like sharing. I will continue to write this story at some point soon. enjoy.

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Added on February 19, 2019
Last Updated on February 19, 2019
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just me. Have a avid interest in fantasy more towards medieval and magic rather than sci fi. more..

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