composition nouveau

composition nouveau

A Poem by Shirlena

the idea of starting over





don’t want to imbue

idea of someones reborn interest’s in bloom

imagining anothers tinge united entwined

your dream impressed upon each passage… every leaflet turned

nil attempt to introduce stray suggestions whispering future projections…

prospects of fresh injections renewing my veins

content with the present archeology uncut diamond

only brilliant through familiar Vega buffed and polished…admirer’s dance

need to see with un retouched eyes…every flaw in its place

but…if written conclusions have been chosen


destiny pointing a figure toward finality…should we advance

then I beseech he resembles an habitue’

imitation you









© 2014 Shirlena

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Ah, it's like I just came home and smelt that bread wafting through the house... familiar smells... the sounds of you calling me in to come and sit with you for a while and catch up... yeah, it's good to be home!

You know I'm all about change and anything to improve the self is the only way forward, so this poem resonated... Prospects of fresh injections renewing my veins... outstanding dear lady, can't wait to view with untouched eyes... call me... Jumbo J. xx

Posted 8 Years Ago

I need to frequent your poetry often to get a shot of your unique brilliance, always love your twists Shirlena, you could never be imitation, I'm shocked your unparalleled pen allowed it. ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this, especially the ending. It's a poem everyone should read. Faving! :) Great work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

The way you look at human nature through your poetry is mind-blowing...your imagery is fresh and unique, and to continue the diamond analogy, it cuts to the bone. Sometimes I think we'd rather just deal with the flaws we're already used to than go in another direction that may bring less flaws but we don't know for sure, and would have to step out of our comfort zone to find out for sure...I think that's what makes changing such a dreaded activity, for me anyway...awesome work here Shirlena :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I feel opposite K. I gotta do some kind of changing and it's got to be for the better or at least I .. read more
Your poetry is always so fresh, bizarre and innate, I love it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

"buffed and polished…admirer’s dance

need to see with un retouched eyes…every flaw in its place

but…if written conclusions have been chosen"

A woman is like an cut but unpolished diamond. And the man is the admirer of her beauty when polished and shaped to love's size. Most precious and 10 on the Mohr's scale for lack of better description. The flaws and inclusions add to her beauty and charm. A splendid poem...:)........................

Posted 8 Years Ago

What an interesting read -- an imitation you ... one question, in the third line did you mean "someone's reborn interest?" or is the flip of the apostrophe poetically licensed?

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Tried the apostrophe and it red-lined so I took it out...thanks for reading KL.
Lyn Anderson

8 Years Ago

Well, sometimes microsoft is incorrect, so when you know it's right, go with your gut.

8 Years Ago

It doesn't bother me that way KL...especially as long as the write can be understood, isn't sloppy o.. read more

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I be lovin poetry and it be chosen to read Wanna get something across. I'll review you only...if you review me the soulest sistah is the soulest I mean... she gather's the best from grand lo.. more..

a sasquatch a sasquatch

A Poem by Shirlena

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