A Poem by Shirlena

I’m not right

I’m not correct

I’m not exacting pragmatic wisdom


but the content is brave not coveting beautiful

cannot shirk at fear of empty grasp…

you’ll prostrate yourself in my presence in the end

as you don’t fathom now

registering me bug a boo… probably true

not recognizing you for the phenomenal male… effectual star

accept my pardon for being new as sunny side green

all those early things which exist with less experience…

got a hairs sensitivities impression at this stage

where stupidity harvest for a spell propping her legs

at least until after half a decade

notice my attention like cotton landing as softly as it can

to soothe you

rather deserve wrath until one day your ascension

in lieu of wasted commitments signed pledges

long term intentions

confidently there should be enchantments

of affection in your future…

when reaching maturation

I might emerge a sensitive trove of female excellence

but until due season…

this is wrong with you


my desire of every masterpiece

© 2014 Shirlena

Author's Note

The sexy man in this image (uhmm) is courtesy of deviant art and kurtis trent photograhies.

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My friend, you are one of the toughest poets for me to review, which is a sincere compliment. Reviewing is not my strong suit to begin with, and your writing challenges me like few others when it comes to articulating distinct ideals, in this case, the many facets of the male-female union. But you've taken me to other places with this work as well...the content is brave not coveting beautiful...that line epitomized poetry for is the bravest of literary forms, the form that commands a level of soul-searching like no other...and soul-searching can be a nasty business at times. Still I take a measure of optimism from this piece, which is saying something in light of how cynical I am when it comes to such matters (haha). Poetic perfection here my friend :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

The reason I like your poems because I feel a true poet speaking within and without with affection to life and humanity, striving for excellence in each harvest, take other's sensitivities in concern and being in the awakening of the moment. Excellent...:)........

Posted 8 Years Ago

You my dear lady, relay your heart with accurate intention and leave the reader involved in your and participating in your story... I know I felt like I had a part to play, if only a fragment of time within a half a century... It's like you had me shaking my head in agreement with sentiments rendered and realizations that glide into one's to mind to give a looking glass view... yeah, I know I've said It before a hundred times, your a real talent... but get used to it, 'cause you got crystallized words a thoughts seeping out your pores and you know how much I enjoy swimming in your mind... roll me over with the cerebral waves and let me settle on the shores in the smooth sands of your awakening... Masterpiece... indeed!...James xx

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago're making me turn blush. I'm actually speechless...thank you puddin.
Jumbo J

8 Years Ago

My complete pleasure to see your coy reception... but it's true... the stars are shining around thes.. read more
My dahling Shirlena.There is not a poem of yours that I have read that does not leave me in awe of your pen.Wonderful true.The picture was yummy yes?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Vidya Bacchus

8 Years Ago

Oh I would love that but the other guy that I have stretched out on my rug might not be amused shees.. read more

8 Years Ago polite you are Vid.
Vidya Bacchus

8 Years Ago

Hahaha on occasion my dear lol
This one was really cool my friend, very entertaining piece:) Good job...

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you Amos my good friend.

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I be lovin poetry and it be chosen to read Wanna get something across. I'll review you only...if you review me the soulest sistah is the soulest I mean... she gather's the best from grand lo.. more..

a sasquatch a sasquatch

A Poem by Shirlena

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