bean pies and bow ties

bean pies and bow ties

A Poem by Shirlena

scenario from a fictional book


it began with an air of oneness

striking toward the eyes with unwavering concentration

wheat drenched with dark kohl disposition

fluidly working neck disciplined and finessed

fingers swerving and fluttering as 

white birds flying stair step

least what they resembled from 

certain vantage point 

his honeyed rhetoric survived the end of each sentence

he was convinced I was buying in...had signed out…gone

when the draw really was the chocolate of his eyes

assumed him comfortable...slaying a pencil legged suit and bow tie

(man sho' could profile)

all that boo ga looed about my head speaking loudly

repeated “aye cinderfella…talk about the word

while my only intentions of indulging in such a picturesque show is nut brown confection wrapped in cellophane

at the hip of dapper Rameses and notions

to dispose of rare curtness


thought bubble to the left...suspended high

saying "brutha my brutha"

is there a chance you will let me convert you now

Mr. Clarion…may I




© 2014 Shirlena

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You had me at bean pie.

This is is slick, smooth, and everything the bow tied man thinks he is love it. Nice to meet you mam

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

LOL...aww thank you SL. I'm so flattered I could sing.
I love the honey and chocolate the seductive elements they bring to the genuine cynicism towards romance compels me not to say too much about the dynamics (yeah I really am that sour haha), but I'm intrigued by both characters and the scene you've painted, and I feel like I know them fairly well. As always, you have a talent for establishing a scene in which your characters and themes are given a lot of room to grow, both on paper and in the reader's mind...great work as always Shirlena :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I'm pleased that you relate as I didn't think most would. Hence the lack of views and readers but I .. read more
Hi Shirlena,
Bean pies and Bow ties... now isn't that a great start to the ?
this an outstanding set of thoughts... loved the fluidity of your first two stanzas setting up that great ending... a stunning visual ride into fairytale- Disney land... so sister did you convert him? well did ya?
very colourful in description and very rich in flavour... seems you have a thing for snappy looker's, dressed up tight?... James xx

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh and thank you so much for indulging me Jim.
Jumbo J

8 Years Ago

You know I thought of your fresh preacher boy all tucked up sporting the black rimmed glasses and bo.. read more

8 Years Ago

It's all base on a true encounter...I embellished and twisted things a bit :) Where you been man? Yo.. read more

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I be lovin poetry and it be chosen to read Wanna get something across. I'll review you only...if you review me the soulest sistah is the soulest I mean... she gather's the best from grand lo.. more..

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A Poem by Shirlena

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