Powers // Abilities

Powers // Abilities

A Chapter by Katharine Eilene

Powers that were involved in the creating of an RP. My ideas for these powers were all mine.



Astral Projection(Control someone's body using own soul) / Lartsa Projection (Control someone's soul, not body)
Mind Reading (Read minds) / Mind Control (Control minds)
Siren (Control using voice) / Neris (Control what someone else is saying)
Drellusion (Influence through the dream) / Illusion (Influence while awake)
Historia (See the past of said person) / Fortuna (See the future of said person)
Healer (Create physical wellness and clear of mind) / Plague (Create physical illness and mental fatigue of the mind)
Translucent Vision - (To see through physical forms using hands) / Translucent Hearing - (To hear acutely through physical forms using hands)

Astral Projection -
Details: The ability to remove ones soul from the body and to take control of anothers.
The Best Part: Whether the person wants you to or not, you have the amazing power to control their speech, limbs, and even their thoughts. Your souls bounds to their body as if it was your own. You feel their pain, their worries, their memories.
The Worst Part: With power comes consequence, you have a limited amount of time to perform this amazing godly skill. For five minutes your body is left as an empty shell, imagine it if you well as a form of a coma.You cannot return too early, this will cause you to force a shock in your own body. If you are too far away from your body or allow time to go by, you're physical heart will stop beating and you will fade away like you had just died.

Lartsa Projection -
Details: The ability to take control of another person's soul, not their body.
The Best Part: When needed, you have the ability to control the soul of another person. This allows you to change their emotions and thoughts to your liking. You understand their feelings, their pain, and their memories. You can travel for a few miles distance in the blink of an eye while invisible to the naked eye.
The Worst Part: Their are multiple similarities to Astral Projection in terms of consequences, but their are differences as well. You have an hour in order to return to your body. No sooner. No later. Too soon would result in your body having a heart attack. Too late would be death. Instead of your body being in a comatose-like state, it is the same as dreaming.

Mind Reading -
Details: The ability to read ones mind.
The Best Part: Reading someone else's mind leaves a lot of room to probe into the weaknesses of one's victim. You learn their secrets, their true personalities, the way that they think. Oh how fun to mess with one's most private of things. Their is no time limit for how long you can do this to one person.
The Worst Part: Not only can one you read their mind, but they can read yours as well. During this power, your minds become one. You bond with them, they bond with yours. You also cannot read the mind's of multiple people. The attempt alone would cause a large amount of voices in your head echoing over one and another, causing madness. You also have headaches more than average.

Mind Control -
Details: The ability to control ones mind.
The Best Part: You have the ability to control multiple people, forcing them to do something against their will. They will not know that they are being controlled, thinking what they are doing is by their choice.
The Worst Part: During the time you are controlling someone else's thoughts and body, your body will be in a trance-like state. Their is a slight chance that a person you are controlling could possibly change one of your thoughts. You have a limited amount of time to control, ten minutes to do what you need. Since this power is so strong, it will drain your physical strength.

Siren -
Details: The ability to control one using voice and sound.
The Best Part: While talking in a certain tone or singing aloud, you can control one person using your voice. You are able to make them feel whatever emotion you want them to towards one person. This can include towards you as well. You also have a beautiful voice.
The Worst Part: If you do not allow for a resting period of at least for a week, their is a large chance that you will lose your ability to speak. You will still have the ability to sing, but only once a week. Once you have used your song, the person will be able to recover and know exactly what your name is and what you look like. This can lead to problems in the future if they decide to hunt you down. The more people you attempt to control at once, the higher physical fatigue that you will feel.

Neris -
Details: The ability to control one's words using your mouth.
The Best Part: When someone is speaking, you have the ability to control what they say by moving your mouth in the form of the words you want them to say.
The Worst Part: Unlike the Siren ability, you do not have a resting period. Unfortunately, you do not have the gift of a voice, you are a mute. When you have used your power on a person, they will know that what they are saying is not them. In order to use your power, you have to have a full visualization of the person. This means that your eyes must be closed and your mind must be clear or it will not work.

Drellusion -
Details: The ability to influence a person's decision by entering into their dreams.
The Best Part: Not only can you change one's decisions, but their is a high possibility if you are focused enough that you can even change a person's personality to your liking. This power is used every time you fall asleep.
The Worst Part: If you do not travel to another person's dream during sleep, you will unintentionally warp your own dream to change your personality. This can lead to multi personality disorder. You never have the ability to rest mentally, this will lead to mental fatigue that you have to live with for the rest of your life. If you are ever seen by the person you had affected, they will recognize that you were in their dream. If they are curious enough, this can become dangerous to being discovered.

Illusion -
Details: The ability to cause illusions while awake.
The Best Part: Quite similiar to the dream ability, you are able to influence one's decision using false images of both reality and fantasy. You can use this power as many times as you want.
The Worst Part: There is no limit to the use of the ability, but their are consequences. Over time, you will begin to see images of your ownself. This mirror form tries to play tricks with your mind causing a case of paranoia at it's highest. When practiced, your body will be paralyzed leaving you vulnerable. You cannot create illusions with multiple people, just one.

Historia -
Details: The ability to see into one's past by touch.
The Best Part: You have access to every part of a person's past and memories. The memories that they have forgotten, you will see them.
The Worst Part: You are required to have least 1 day of a resting period. Not following this 'rule' has a consequence of forgetting your name and past. This is permanent, you cannot recall any memory. If you over use your power, your versions of the past will appear to change. At first, they will be small. Over time, the changes increase in quantity. This power is constantly active, so human touch must be limited for control.

Fortuna -
Details: The ability to peer into one's future through eye contact.
The Best Part: You can see the decisions that one is going to possibly make and their possible future relations with their friends, co-workers, and peers. You can see as far into the future as much as a week.
The Worst Part: You are not able to look into your own future, an attempt to do so will cause you to lose a piece of your past. When using this power you must maintain eye contact with the other person in order to peer. Looking into the future causes your eyes to change to a different color after every use. Using this power is very tricky as the person will be slightly paralyzed when you peer into their future. In order to not use the power, you must not look into the eye's of the person you are with.

Healer -
Details: The ability to purify ones thoughts and heal physical wounds.
The Best Part: Clearing one's mind helps to persuade a person to realizing your point of views and understanding new concepts. If someone is injured, you can heal their wounds by a single touch using your hands on the area where they are hurt.
The Worst Part: When you clear a person's mind, a sound will be heard every time you use it. This sound will cause your mind to forget anything that had happened within the last five minutes before purifying. While in the process of healing, your hand will begin to glow. In turn, the person will in fact question who and what you are. Your existence will be in peril if they try to make it public of your abilities. After you have healed someone's wound, you will retain a scar in the area of the person that you had healed. (Heal ribs, Scar on chest).

Plague -
Details: The ability to instill fear into ones mind and create illness of any degree using your hand.
The Best Part: With your hands, you have the ability to 'wave' an illness of your choice at a person. The effects of this illness will take effect right away. Almost like Illusion in a sense, you are able to create a fake conscious into a person and discuss with them of their fears. You'll know a person's fear when you grab hold of their hand.
The Worst Part: When you create an illness, your body will be drained physically of any strength for one day. In order to create an illness in one, you must be within ten feet from that person. Any farther and it will not work. You cannot specify for one person to be sick unless they are completely alone. (A roomful of people will grow sick) Since using a conscious-like power, this means that you will have a conscious of your own.

Translucent Vision -
Details: The ability to see through physical objects using ones hands.
The Best Part: Using just your hands, you can see through walls / buildings / people using nothing but your hands. There is no time limit for how long you can use this power. If you are blind, you can still use this power.
The Worst Part: Over using this power could lead to it weakening over time. The distance and length of time you can use it will weaken. You must only use the power after one weeks use. Every time you focus your sight through objects, your vision becomes more and more blurry over time. The more you practice your power, the higher the chance that you will become blind.

Translucent Vision -
Details: The ability to hear acutely using ones hands.
The Best Part: Using just your hands, you can hear anything that is not normally heard by the naked eye. The distance of use is unlimited as long as you are holding your hands in front of you with the palms wide open.
The Worst Part: Over using this power will lead to it weakening, the amount of time that you can hear will lessen and lessen. If you use the power more than once in a day, you'r hearing will weaken as well. In order to have full power, you must allow for four days to pass. If not, you will become deaf. You must have your eyes closed in order to perform this feat.

© 2012 Katharine Eilene

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