Gotta love that first day.

Gotta love that first day.

A Chapter by Umeko-Chan

Kari thought that her first day of high school would be great. But when she finds out about the schools system of cliques her day just sucks, not to mention her summer break crush is here there too!

Note: This story is told in the sight of Kari. Don't want to confuse people.
He embraced me. I asked him staring into his eyes.
"Will we ever meet each other after this?" 
"Who knows, but if we don't, never, forget me..."
"NEVER, i'd never forget you! How about we meet here after school?"
"Aha, you got it. Kari...i'll see you soon."


"WHAT THE--?!" I yelled sitting up in my bed. I looked at my alarm clock, 5:30. Great...great!
You may be wondering why I'm so excited to be getting up at 5:30,well,I'm not, it's just that today is my first day of high school. Ah yes, that magical day that can either go really well, or quite horrible. 
I pulled the cover off and just sat at the edge of my bed staring at myself in the mirror. 
"Well, let's get this show on the road shall we?" clapping my hands and running out into the house. 
 Now i'm sure you don't care about how i get ready, so i'll just skip to when i get to school,alright?


I stared at the sign, CherryWood High School. 
"Sounds tasty?" I said chuckling to myself. 
I looked around, the school seemed pretty normal. All the cliques were together, however, i did notice one odd thing. All the cliques were together. Yes, twice, but thats what was weird, usually you'll see at least that one group of the scenester hanging with the prep or a jock, but i didn't see any of that. I asked the nearest person who seemed pretty normal. It was a girl with long orange-ish hair and seemed to be a person of the "nerd" clique.
"Um, excuse me? I'm new here and i was just wondering...what's the deal with the cliques?" 
She looked at me quite surprised and nervous while looking me over. Did i look weird? what? She managed to get out enough words for me understand what was going on.
"Uh...the school is divided by cliques...ah...the richies rule the school..and uh..he-here's a list o-of the ranks.." she pulled out a sheet of paper from her backpack then quickly turned around and whispered to her friends. 
"Ah...thanks" i said walking away. I found a little park-like area with a bench and read the paper.

The Rule of the School
Richies: Presidents of the School. Own the school. Only school council members.
Preps: Female vice-presidents. Run the halls and class rooms.
Jocks: Male vice-presidents. Run the halls and class rooms.

Every one else: Obey the above, and you'll be okay. 
Normal Kids

If you associate with anyone above your clique you will be punished. 

I dropped the paper in my lap.
"What kind of school is this?!" I said shocked. I heard the bell, followed by the intercom. 
"Um...well...okay." I said as i slowly got up from the bench. What group was i...I mean I'm pretty normal i guess. I wasn't going to think much on it until i got the gym..well..once i found it that is.
Roaming the halls was all i did after that intercom.
"S**t...looks like i won't be getting that announcement." I said under my breath. I stared out the nearest window, leaning against the window pane. 
"Ahem, why are you in the hall? Do you know the punishment for that?" Came a voice from behind. But it wasn't just a voice, it was...familiar. I quickly turned around to look at the face of the voice.
I was right.
It was my summer vacation love!
"Mi-Mitchell?! YOU GO TO THIS SCHOOL?!" I yelled smiling. 
He just stared at me, a bit shocked but quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a near-by corridor. 
"Sh-sh-sh" He said whispering to me looking around the corner.
" it really you?" looking back at me. 
I looked up at him, and chuckled "Aha, yea. Why didn't you tell me you went here? I thought you were home-schooled?" I asked him
"I was, but my mom thought i needed friends," he rolled his eyes, "so she sent me here. Ever since I've been in the jock group. I basically own the halls." He said laughing under his breath. He sighed and looked a bit disappointed.
"Wh-what's wrong?" I asked.
He looked at me and smiled sweetly but i knew he was just forcing it.
"I just realized...we can't be together now." He said and walked off down the hall. 
I ran out into the hall, and watched him turn a corner. 
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" I yelled falling to my knees."I thought...i thought you loved me." I whispered. I could feel tears forming in my eyes, i can't be seen like this. 
I managed to get my schedule and go to my classes, all went well. I was labeled into the "Normal" Clique by a student aid prep. I tried to keep up a smile when need be even though Mitchell's words were still running through my head.

We can't be together

Why did he say that. Why? Did i do something wrong. Are cliques that important?!

Looks like my first day wasn't as great as i hoped. More like set on fire and thrown in a dumpster...and blown up.

Chapter One is bit out there and everything happens quick. Yes. But, there's more to come. Will Kari find out the real reason behind Mitchell's words? Will they ever be together? Follow the story and you may get your answers. 

© 2010 Umeko-Chan

Author's Note

Ignore grammer, i usually don't caps my "I's" like i should, but oh well.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. If you have any ideas for new characters that would be nice as well.

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Added on March 21, 2010
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