The Hope

The Hope

A Story by Jordan

“What is hope? Is it something we already have? Or is it something incorporated in us?” With this in his mind Aryan, a 17 year old, walked through the street from school to his home. The events occurred to him at school made him to think about this. He started his journey of the day with a smile on his face but he didn’t know what he had to do now, at the day’s end.

  When he woke that day he was happy about the nice weather. He had a normal breakfast and went to his school. But as soon as he met his friends inside the school, he was given different news. I said different news.  It wasn’t shocking, surprising, unexpected or astonishing news. This is because the news to him was a bit expected. One of his classmates, Vishal, had done something which he had expected. He didn’t know the exact news but had heard that it was bad. He was a bit restless to know what he had done. He went to Vishal and asked about it. At first, Vishal was not at all interested in telling this. But after being asked repeatedly his lips gave way to these words �" “I stole the question paper of the semester exams from the principal’s office. I did it when I was called to talk about the preparation our team is having for the football tournament.  And now the principal has come to know about my beautiful work and I have been called in his office.” He was the captain of the football team. He was considered the best player of the school. He was also good in athletics. Many students were inspired by him. And such news could destroy everything. So he came up with an idea. When Vishal was called to the principal’s Aryan went along with him. Aryan was an average student but had a few opportunities to meet the principal. So when they entered his room the principal asked Aryan why was he there. To this he replied “I know that you are familiar with the fact that Vishal had stolen the question papers but I want you to think about reconsideration.”

The principal in his disciplined voice said “Vishal has done wrong and he must be punished. I have proof that he had stolen the papers.”

Aryan said “I am not saying that Vishal didn’t steal the papers but I want you to reconsider not for his sake but for the sake of the students who are inspired by him.”

Aryan explained. “Many students admire him. He is a hero among students. Students have faith on him and consider him as a light of hope. If something like this comes out then students will loose hope. Everything they ever expected will be lost.”

The principal understood what Aryan tried to explain. He said “I know what you are trying to explain me. But it is about telling the truth to everyone. Everyone deserves to know the truth. They need to know that the person they admire is a thief.”

Aryan replied “Sometimes more than truth, students deserve to know that their faith is not lost. Sometimes in order to reduce everyone’s pain, the truth needs to be kept away from them.”

Principal said “I agree to what you say. But the word is out among teachers that the question papers had been stolen and they must have said this to the students as well. They don’t know who did it but still know it. What should I tell all the teachers and students?”

  After thinking for a while, Aryan replied in a serious manner “Tell them I did it. They need a name and I am ready for it.”

Principal was confused. Aryan said “if I have to sacrifice myself to let everyone’s hope live, then be it.”

He turned back and started walking towards the door. The principal said “You know that this can have a very bad effect on your image but still I can never thank you for it.”

Aryan replied “And you will never have to.”

© 2013 Jordan

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Very interesting piece.
Full of so many mixed morals. On one hand reading this I think that Aryan is wonderful to do this and take the fall.
But on the other I think that the principal is being horrible for letting this happen. Not making Vishal stand up and pay the price for what he did when he knew it was wrong.
Though I'm not sure what you meant for the take away to be from this story, I find myself very thoughtful after reading it.
Well done you should be proud of your good work.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you for your review... :)
Sydney Dreama

9 Years Ago

I got that I was just saying that the morals of the characters are very interesting. It was good cra.. read more

9 Years Ago

Thank you... :)

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