The Hate

The Hate

A Story by Jordan





The story I am about to tell is something some people may find a bit extra ordinary, a bit different.  It involves a boy, who is someone close to me, and a girl, but in a different way. I cannot tell their names. If I do so, people may find different meanings to the story. I want to stick to the main part of the story. It is up to you to decide whether this story is a true one or not. I cannot make anyone believe what I believe. It is our beliefs and choices that make us who we are. This incident happened to the boy about eight years ago. Since then he had been asked a question to which he gives different answers to everyone. Now it is time to reveal the truth.

The boy was in class fourth. It was 18th October of 2005, a Tuesday.  It was evening time. He completed his homework and went out of his house to play with his friends. His friends were not playing so far away from his house. He went there, said his greetings to his friends, and wanted to join the game. At that point he realised that there was something different about his friends’ group that day. There was an extra member with his friends. It was a girl (the girl). It was not that he saw a girl for the first time, but the way she was behaving, her attitude, was something different for him. Nevertheless  he tried to ignore her. The game started and everyone was running here and there. It was a chaos.  They started colliding with each other. No one cared of that as it was considered something which brought fun to the game. But then a moment came when the boy and the girl collided with each other. The boy thought of it as something usual and went to the girl to apologize for it but he could have never imagined that what would happen next could have a really huge impact on the rest of his life. He could have never imagined that he would remember that day for the rest of his life. When he was about to apologise to the girl, the girl said something which still haunts him. She said “I know that you pushed me on purpose. You could never meet a girl that’s why you are doing such cheap works. Just look at you. You are so ugly. You don’t deserve to be loved by anyone. Anyone who would say that they love you would be making a fun of you. You are so hideous that people will be ashamed to even say that they know you.  Anyone would be ashamed to say that they love you.”  And after saying this she left the place. The boy was shocked when he heard this. He was speechless. That incident triggered the hate he has for girls. He ran to his house right away. He wanted to tell everything that happened to his mother but he was unable to say anything. He started to observe his friends and found that what the girl said was true but applicable only to girls. He started staying away from girls.

And because of this incident the boy still has to give different answers to the questions because he knows no one will understand him. He has to prepare a new answer every time he is asked by someone “Why do you hate girls?”


I heard somewhere, I don’t remember where, that we start with something pure.....

Something exciting... then comes the mistakes....

The compromises....

We create our own demons....

© 2013 Jordan

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I agree to this to an extent, Jordan. Yes, we make our own demons. But sometimes - the seed is planted within us from someone else.

What that girl said was heartless and cruel. I hope in time she realizes what she said ultimately DID (cause as my Mom says thoughts are things). And I further would like to see her go to apologize to you - even if it is many years later.

I know when I dated Tyr years ago, while she never said anything as bad as all that, I knew I was a bit of a plaything for her, like she liked me only cause no-one else would. Something to pull and drag around, a bit like a teddy bear I suppose and do some tricks for her occasionally. And I knew we weren't really - not really destined for each other.

And yet, there was a time we were together, after a few years, there was a strange sort of bond and friendship, and it made her uncomfortable that someone she could tease and humiliate all these years stayed with her. She left quite suddenly the next school year.

Here is hoping in time the girl that rebuffed you will learn the error of her ways, in her hurtful words, and take the time to apologize. And let the healing begin. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

There's lots of angry straight guys who hate chicks because they keep striking out with them. "All women are b*****s" Is what they say. With an attitude like that they're going to keep striking out thus justifying their "women are b*****s" truth. I don't feel that way about women at all and I've gotten more a*s than a toilet seat at a Chilli festival. (HA!) The story could easily be viewed as a myth telling a larger truth in metaphorical terms. Good bit

Posted 9 Years Ago

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