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Silver Views

A Story by Shubham

basically a story about mother's love and affection towards her ward.


Silver views
the tales of sentiments and emotions

                              The turning time once met me to the friend of mine, as long I consider we are together since I born. He is with me in my best to worst epoch, my very own mirror, which reflects my moral fiber and imagination, my first best acquaintance “Moon”. I first met him with prologue when it was three or four years of my life had been already passed slickly. One day I accidentally noticed that a big … or I say a white shining ball was hanging in the sky for years. Since, I was used to of that - if I throw a ball in upward of my head then it would, will or better say must come down back again in seconds, but if any elder one throws it then it takes longer to return. So I stabled the verity of mine in my mind that any one very potent has thrown this ball with all his muscle, since I was only of three-four years so this kind of ideas are normally familiar.

Time has never paused but augmented his alacrity, as my good days of childhood were going on. My eight years are going to be completed on coming Sunday all my friends are invited on the juncture, including my grandparents, of whom I was very fond of. I can squander whole life with them without feeling jaded for a fraction of moment. They are the main muse of my life. Since they made me more imaginative because my grandpa was the most fairly prominent writer (friction) but my grandpa never accepted it. He always said that “what I see is what I write.” On the other hand my granny was the librarian of the ‘National Bookers Federation’ so the latest books are also not left by her. She has read almost all fictions from 1890s.

Coming back to the birthday, when my party was over, my entire friends gone to their homes as they are all done with their jobs of clapping and all other red tape…

From childhood only, my friend loop was not more fascinating, as I was only a kind of “joke” for them and they always used to make fun of me. From those days, I do not like children of my age circle, which made me to make a scratch from them. But I always feel lonely from my soul, but my brain always made to keep meters from those “joking hyenas”. Well thanks to my wits, because of it only I got my first best friend which never cry and also made me to smirk and most important he never blushed when I was poignant. My best friend from childhood is one and only Moon. I‘m thankful to divinity to give me such a friend…

Time was never waited for any body and so passed by, I do not remember anything special during that time hiatus but my friendship became stronger. I used to talk with Moon from my porthole and from a time which I don’t remembered exactly, Moon started replying my talks he always says the words which are likely as of my opinion. But during that time I started hating clouds because they separate us and make us stranger as Moon gaze me and because of coyness it covered his face. When I was set to bed, I can clearly see the Moon through my transom window and he uses ‘telepathy’ to talk with me. One day when I came to my room to slumber, I saw the Moon and grinned but after some peek from my casement I noticed that there was a dark melancholy on the face of my fast friend. I questioned “why are you so upset buddy, are you?” as I was not sure about it. He replied that “have you ever felt anyone's soreness pointy on the heart?” There was a silence from my side with a remembering emotion countenance, then he sounded again “if a need of remembering then ‘chuckles’ you have felt the pain on your heart.” Then he continued you are not only my friend but all
children are, but you are my special friend as you talk to me every night.

“I want to say one of mine tale to you, are you involved?” there was a shudder of my head on behalf of my tongue for the agreement. He continued…

The talk is of thirty years ago when a new baby was born, he was very charming and glassy. His eyes were the replica of crystal balls which shows his bright prospect. He has frightened me at first sight, when he turned off his five years then his mother left him as she has attempted suicide as his father was a good nature man and nicely understood the responsibility of a father and a need of mother to a five years old tot. By that age he even not knows the meaning of hour and minutes than death is the secrecy of triangles which can’t be explained in one lingo. But he know the meaning of mother… when time passed he notice that his mother is not approaching close to him, to love him, feed him but only slept in a black box from long. He does not understood why his “mommy” was not waking and coming to her love lack baby. Baby now also not implicit how to make his mother awake but when he realized that she is not waking then he went to that black hollow box of wood and started to do pains to awake his mother. He tapped her, patted her, even pinched her, but when he felt that his mom was not responding then he started dirge with tears which are more painful than bloody wounds. I think wherever the soul the mother would have been also suffered very dark sorrow, feeling an enormous pain because of severance. But when the baby felt that his mother is not going to rouse then he also jumped into the black box as he don’t know the meaning of casket, fear of sarcophagus, and he jumped inside the box and started crying by holding his mother with all of his power and he shouted with all his might.

Moon has changed his eyes into tears which are continuously flowing by his cheek. And I, after listening this, my eyes had also lost control over tears and I was also feeling a physical as well as internal pain at the center of my heart, since I have never faced off to any catastrophe, or even bad or rude behavior. That time I was also feeling that my eyes were becoming heavier.

I said Moon to continue and he did so, he continued… when his father realized that his son is not going to leave his mother then he called him with very deep pain throat “co…co...Come…back…son.” but he was not ready for the severance of the two hearts hemmed in with a rope of faith and love. But his father had well familiarity about the iniquitous time and known of all the policy of nature and mores. So he snatched him from the coffin. That severance of soul made me grief-stricken that I can’t stop thinking about the baby who has lost his mother. Baby’s sacred drops of pearls falling from his eyes, with tallow-faced emotion his ‘Raff’ shirt was changed wet of his tears after all sympathy the soul of that rude destiny mother was going to meet the holy spirit there I stopped her for query which was eating me since her bereavement of life. Then I directly asked her without rotating the talk, I just said why… why this rugged behavior towards your son doesn’t you noticed his sacred tears… she cut my opinion and screeched loudly “stop…” I’m the mother… and then I realized even being a soul, a holy spirit, she was crying, she made her stable and continued her voice… you only know one side of the case as scotoma is bad for all, please do not comment anything before you are known of all circumstances and she stopped suddenly and looked at me with great hope and helplessness and asked to me, would you please help me? Please it’s my pray, beg of a helpless mother and this line suddenly reminded me about that baby, brutal time… I, without taking any moment just said, “Sure, just say if, it will be probable then no one can stop me…” and she said please make me a star so that I can see my lad easily…. I replied her that ‘But doing this will not allow you to take rebirth before hundred years and after that also you can’t select the choice of position as your position as a star will be fixed. She scuttled “yes!” I am ready, before I can complete my words. Then I thought ‘why this motherhood now…’ but I prayed god and made her a special star just by me. I used to do unfair conduct as that lament face of baby was making me to do this.

Now almost a week passed with her and every day she gets two hours a clear revelation of her baby, from her position, but I can see him twenty four hours. All time she kept on asking about her baby. I finally hoarded my valor and re-asked her ‘have you noticed his tears now also he can’t hold his seclude…’ then she took a long breathe and started her tragedy. She voiced, I was tormented from contagious cancer from then when my baby Simon was of four years old. Then my health was swiftly debasing, then I went to charity hospital of our area, there physician advised me that ‘you should, must make distance from vigorous people as you have got contagious cancer. So I thought if I will go near of my baby he will also turn contaminated, but I realized that he is not leaving me for a fraction of moment and a mother’s tongue can’t scold, screech or be screechy to a naive baby so to make him safe I left my house at late night but my motherly nature got a seam in heart of that I have left my baby. Then when I was coming back to my house I remembered about my ailment and then I decided that I can’t live without my tot, but I can… so I ate a pinch of or I pronounce, a piece of rat killer but it doesn’t worked, next day was the fifth birthday of Simon we, specially me, was very pleased but as we don’t have enough money to celebrate so I cooked pan cakes for him with all my dignity. Next day I went to the doctor again and asked. Could my malady be cured? Then he replied me ‘I am not sure that you have contagious cancer or not, but if you are suffering from it then it can’t be cured…’ But I can’t take any risk that made for Simon’s life so I took one night to think it over but abruptly my stomach started to pain, so I thought, if I will behave hyper then Simon’s dad will know that I am suffering from a dead end disease. But the pain was not bearable so I ate one more piece of rat killer and also took two-three sips of kerosene, suddenly both reacted in my abdomen and in next moment I have left my body and turned into a white soul, the whole nighttime I depleted with my Simon and the next day when my husband noticed that I am no more, then he was like broken in pieces that are uncountable, but he thought of our lad and cried a lot in seclude. I left very hardly from my dwelling; I have left my Simon solitary, lonely…

Then Moon said to me (writer) ‘then I realized the real pain or the mother who is synonym of soreness and sacrifices.

I thought it’s only a mother who sacrifices her life because there is some chance of peril to her son from her… hats off. From that day she got a heighten reflection in my opinion. She just clarified that her death was the only escutcheon of her son’s life…

The pain change the little baby into a boy now he started to lose memory of his and his mother, now ten years are passed of his life once Simon was playing with a tree, day was nearly set and I and his mom can clearly see him then he suddenly fell downward from the tree almost of height one hundred to one hundred twenty meters, his death was corroborate no person can help him, no one was present, his mother again shouted with trepidation, and asked me is she able to do anything, then I replied you can, but it will increase your span by more hundred years… she just replied, quickly just say how can I do… I said just say “okh…okhe…Jewis… and your son’s name she rapidly voiced out- ‘okh…okhe…Jewis…Simon and it worked as it was a marvel a new branch of a tree materialize and hanged Simon by his shirt Simon easily went by down, his mother was weeping of fear of his son’s life as he just faced off the death but I harked back to the lady that now you have to be star for more one ninety-five years she said no worries and took a long breathe “haaaashhh…!” my son is safe for two years from now as you told me… “Yes”, I replied…

That day I was feeling highly ashamed as I thought she was mean to be free from pain of cancer she suicide but I was wrong a mother is mother can’t understood by other. Well I can’t change that done.

A year passed but Simon hadn’t forgot his mother and he can’t ponder on anything as he was attached to all things of that locality so John thought to budge somewhere else leaving his mother’s thought was very lamenting for him, but he was bounded by his father’s well decisions and left that place. His father being a labour also knows to sail dinghy. He sold his house and bought a schooner with some money and traveled from there, as they were on train I jumbled when two trains at same station on the day I lost them I was thinking of mother she has sacrificed her two hundred years of new birth and now she can’t even see her reason of sacrifice. But she was looking bit joyful when I asked her for motive then she replied, now he can start a new life with no sad reminds. Then my heart was netted that time, even I have no mother but I was feeling bad for her. But I can’t, I must not do anything.

From that day I used to talk with her to entertain her psyche one day I asked her about herself. She just refused at once but when I persisted, she started with a smile with a profound woe…

Those beautiful days when I was a young girl about ten years old my parents died a mysterious death which is not explained to me ever, so to search this reason I changed myself into a adventurous type and I just putted my whole concentration into this case so I don’t remembered any special performance in my previous life… when my parent died then I was transferred to my aunt’s residence she was little impolite to me and I also don’t feel contented with her so I never forgot my parents reminiscence… when I was fifteen years old I used to be a valiant girl. I was blessed with a cousin who gave me the love of my parents also, as I was the only girl of my family and I was also little intellectual than others so I got the center of attraction. I was very amazed of spirits and clairvoyant actions, I just wanted to know more and more about them since I was little small of age. So… once I was wondering in my backyard or I say my aunt’s backyard I got a Bodkin, it was astonishingly gorgeous and was looking very precious I being a spirit lover and seeker just clicked that it was very old or antique. Since being old it may carry curse or annoyance so I took that bodkin to the cathedral and dripped some drops of Holy Water to it. Nothing happened so I returned to my home, as every night schedule, I prayed and slept but after fifteen-twenty minutes I heard a scratching sound of copse, when I shocked and turned immediately there was nothing but that bodkin, but I was tranquil because I have already dripped the Holy water on that, so I treated that sound as a misinterpretation and slept again with a little qualm. On the next hour the scratching sound was again heard but this time with more degree. Then I confirmed and turned back then I seen that the bodkin was moving to and fro on any table with a speed of sound, I was surprised, frightened, astonished, annoyed and mostly puzzled . But being a girl I suddenly opened the door and jumped away from there. I called my cousin and told him all happened but he didn’t believed me, as all stories. But here, there were no heroes who will save me. So I collected all my might and braveness and moved towards my room the bodkin was not in its rest where I kept that.  I started penetrating it not because of eagerness but because if fear. Then suddenly a voice, saccharine as honey, relaxing as spring and cooling as dawn was heard, it said- “Hello Laura, you are the luckiest soul of the century selected for the human welfare”. Then with a feeling of fear I replied �" who are you…u…u…???Then the voice echoed, I am the message of that woman who was previously selected for this vocation. Since, you have got the mother Eve’s bodkin therefore you are the purest essence of the decade and you have to help the son of God to eliminate the curse of demon from the Holy land now beyond. You will get supernatural powers when necessary and for each devil slaughter you will get a star and when the number of stars becomes ‘1606’ then only you can leave this designation and you will be free from this accountability. Since I was fond of spirits and paranormal activities, so I accepted it with bliss then I inquired ‘how I will know about the ghost and devils.’ Then she replied you have to slaughter only devils not ghost that are others responsibility and you will get the information through extrasensory perception or telepathy and clues of start on, by the abnormal activities, but you will not get the exact position as we also not get the exact position of them. The very primary night when I was assigned I got a message from telepathy that a black magic was being practiced in half pass hundred yards from my house to north, then I reached there, I was stunned ‘what! Its ‘Agnes’ my pal, what are you doing here, she was just eating a Persian cat. She instantaneously attacked on me and ran, she followed, I prayed, a message I got was ‘use your internal primal energy and just contemplate with philosophy about your most loved one… I just followed the teaching, but suddenly Agnes got me and pounded me at her locality, she was looking very hazardous, I was I was nearly crying with a pained heat as Agnes was my friend; she was not behaving like as she was in morning. I again started concentrating and suddenly a white beam ejected from my right hand and Agnes was thrown 9-10 feet away of me she was looking in more anger than formerly I again concentrated and think of my mom with Holy reminds then again a white light came and this time Agnes was very badly smashed and now she can’t dare to stand up again, and the most important a light of three colors red, blackish orange and violet, was ejecting from her, now I was teleported to my home. Then again a voice echoed “The black soul in the girl Agnes was defeated by you so she was killed by you and the devil got the sympathy of god, you have got one star 1605 left to make a wish, yes!, when you will free 1606 devils from Holy Earth then as a reward you will get a wish by which you can get anything else, but remember don’t tell anybody about it and living thing will get the knowledge about it if it happens then you will get no reward…”

In one year only I had killed 102 devils, then I got the knowledge about the most rude decree of the power that if I share this with any living thing then my most prized one or equally most loved one will be dead at the moment without fail… that’s why I was not telling you from so long, but when I realized the word “living” of the condition then I thought to tell you…So I (Moon) replied her, they are the white watchers who gave you the messages, they are about 107, in the intact universe they select the Holy ones to do their jobs and as a remuneration of their help they give one unchangeable wish okay! You continue…

So, I worked firm for the craving of the wish and continued my job at the age of seventeen I become guardian less. So for my livelihood I carried on the jobs of Carrier for the reason that this job also allowed me to slaughter the devil as well as to earn some riches. One day when I have already slaughter 1600 devils, among only seven are very dangerous and took long time to be defeated, now I have also earned sword and bow with magical lightning bolt arrows. I remembered 1605th of the devil was a vampire was very strapping one. He was a vampire with little powers of werewolf. He can change his contour in seconds which provides him strength. And then suddenly he attacked me, I was sure about my defeat and death this time but as always in the time of fear I reminded my parents and that gave me a colossal power which made a thunder bolt and killed him at a glimpse that was my extreme excitement. Then the next weekend it was the call of my last hunt and last step of my wish that day I just want to bring my parents back. So as the call came I rushed towards my target, nevertheless against a story the devil was very petite and single muscled. But he was very nippy and can move here and there in seconds. So I thought to make a strategy hunt that time and used generally of thunder bolt and thought to shoot him continuously so this time I found him first and attacked to him, he was surprised but moved quickly and escaped to a township I found him there also and shot him once. He again escaped and sheltered into a small house, where a mother with his nine-ten years old boy were lived. He hijacked the abode and used the little boy as a human shield and a way to flee. He just strived to escape from the house with the boy, I caveat him to leave the boy but he declined, his mother requested me to not fire arrows it can shot my son also. The devil then dropped the kid and jumped into a tilbury. I straight away shot an arrow but the arrow shot the gasoline tank of the tilbury leading to a flash which caught kid also. That moment I was feared, anxious and inquisitive, his mother jumped upon the kid but he was not responding…
He was no more with us. The mother was crying badly she was in gloomy ache and she battered me and cursed me that “just like me you will also suffer with this pain and there will be no one, no way to help you, you will be helpless from all living ones.” I think because of that only I am here. Well no one can change fortune at least no living ones…

(Moon interrupted) What about that devil the she replied he just jumped when I shot the tilbury if he would be slaughtered then I be able to make the kid breathing again but this not happened. I returned to my home. But I remembered that when I shot him he just hopped out since he was extra fast, he just jumped the scene out. And then after some days I was wedded to John after three weeks. Then from that time till my death I rummaged around for other devils but since I was allotted with that specific devil therefore no new devil hunt assignment would be given to me, therefore I continued to do research about that devil. Do you remember once I told you that I have left my son because of that disease that was a lie I went for the search of the devil only, but I don’t found him, so when the curse was in its extreme which caused my death. I felt helplessness as we were poor so that I can’t even take transport to find him with the help of clues…

Moon to writer: So don’t you felt drowsiness, is it tedious for you. No! Done by me by shaking my head, I rapidly replied you please continue.

Okay! So as I told you time has never stopped and healed the pain of Simon but not expunged the reminiscences. He has now turned a boy of fifteen years. One day I saw him came with his father to his older house to remind his memories as he was missing his mother. But as Laura has committed suicide in that house so the buyer was afraid to live there after some time of purchase of the house, so the house was given on rent to a cottage industry.

         That moment was very painful for Laura. Suddenly a White Watcher appeared among us and said that Laura you have done your job now you can leave this job and make a wish and free us from your dues. Laura was surprised as she has left the hope to meet the Simon again ever. She was inquisitive about how this happened. Likewise she asked, and then White Watcher replied when you shot the tilbury, one piece of iron was inserted inside the shoulder of the devil that caused him tetanus and after ten years of suffering he died. Laura was amazed, hyped and no limits of tears of happiness from her eyes. She did not believed that moment but when the White Watcher inquired her about the wish again, then she thought about ten minutes for the wish and the said… White Watcher advised her to not to be much gluttonous that can change the humanity… Laura continued… my wish is “I want you make my three wishes come true” White Watcher agreed…

Laura said, my first wish is, I want my parents live with my family including me, John and Simon for hundred years with good health and wealth. And my second wish is send me to the time of my Simon’s fifth birthday with applied previous wish and my last wish is I want that the kid who was killed during the hunt of the devil turn breathing and he and his family forget all happened during action…

Moon said, she thanked me, praised me for my company and said bye and went to her homeland, but after her son grown older he had made many mistakes that had made her life in great danger but the Holy wishes made her safe, although she never scolded her son. At present Simon is the parent of two babies and his new daughter just looked like her mother, who made him emotional and me too, that made me to tell this story to you. This is the end of this night’s story.
Good Night…





The story of Laura and her adventure will be published in a separate part connected to this series with a name of “THE DARK SIDE”.

© 2016 Shubham

Author's Note

well this was my first story if you find any doubt in understanding what I really meant by the line, then you can ask me

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Added on November 28, 2016
Last Updated on November 28, 2016
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Ujjain, India

I like to write and Love to play riddles in stories. more..