I don’t sleep with cheaters

I don’t sleep with cheaters

A Poem by Sami Vish

“So ah, you down to f**k tonight?”
“No, I don’t sleep with cheaters”
“What do you mean?”
Puzzeled look on your face
You’re either rehearsed or arrogant
“You’re still with Autumn”
You let the question linger
“If you thought that, then why kiss me?”
“You kissed me, I reciprocated”
“Not the point”
“Exactly the point, that was your litmus test
And you failed”
“If you were truly looking for connection
My words, would have been enough.
Let’s be honest, you just want to f**k.
She’s vanilla in bed and it’s making you sad
Well boo-hoo
I won’t be your other woman
I have something good here with my primary
And I won’t let some boy toy ruin that.
You went wrong in so many places
The signs were everywhere
But the nail in your coffin was your empathy for her, refusing to have my teeth bruise your neck
This is dejavu
But unlike last time I don’t think our story will end a year later with my head between your wife’s legs while you’re away at boot camp
Quite frankly she doesn’t seem the type
My point is, the wool will not be pulled over my eyes this time.
I know I think with my dick a little too much
You’re a tall drink of water, pun intended
But I don’t seem to be thirsty anymore
I told you in no uncertain terms that I want more than just sex
But so far that’s all you have to give
On the surface you’re intriguing
But what are your hopes and dreams?
When the surface is scratched off completely
Are you shiny underneath?
Sex with you would most definitely be thrilling
But would it be worth it?
Like I said, I don’t sleep with cheaters
Least not anymore

© 2020 Sami Vish

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Added on May 9, 2019
Last Updated on April 14, 2020


Sami Vish
Sami Vish

Las Cruces, NM

Hi, my name is Sami Vish. I'm 27 years old. I've been writing poetry and fiction since I was seven. Writing was my first passion, singing was my second, and now creating a better world for us to live .. more..

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