Existential Beings

Existential Beings

A Poem by Sami Vish

Do you ever wonder why nothing is unique?

Why we keep swirling around these same tenets

Same sad songs

Same happy ones too

Nothing’s the same

But nothing’s new either

I feel like we’re on the brink of something

Just as this feeling creeps in;

It vanishes

Like it was never there at all

Who keeps taking these feelings?

Who is capturing my thoughts and sending them out to sea?


Do you ever wonder why life is fleeting?

Why our bodies decay, but the soul is eternal?

Where does it go

The question of existence

Why is there so much mystery?

Religions have different beliefs

But not really

They think they got all the answers

But just as they’re about to touch on greatness

They shy away for fear of looking crazy


Why are we all so damn afraid of looking crazy?

Why is science based in reality?

But religion in the supernatural?

Why must things be religious or secular?

I’m equal parts man and angelic

So are you

So is everyone


Do you ever wonder why only a small few make it?

While the rest of us are left drowning?

We’re all born with the same potential, supposedly

So, is it nurture or nature that makes us stupid?

We all come into this world knowing who God is

So how does that message get filtered down

And packaged into feel-good religious lectures


I thought the soul was supposed to be eternal?

I thought we were supposed to be the smart species

So why do we praise this flesh temple like it matters

It’s mere tether for our existential beings

Drink yourself into a coma


Why does it matter?

We’re all dying anyway

Why does it matter how we get there?


We don’t have to die to feel free

You don’t have to be afraid

Be a little crazy

God doesn’t care

God wants you to live a life worthy of his/her love

Just wants you to live a life that touches others

That displays his/her light like a torch on a hill

He/She doesn’t care how you do it

Who you love while you’re doing it

What you ingest while you’re doing it

How you’re dressed while you’re doing it


Just do it!!!

Love is God’s message

He/She’s knocking on the door

Will you heed the call?

Do you care

Do you want a life jacket?

To save you from the storm

Or do you want the peace of mind

To know there was never a storm at all

© 2020 Sami Vish

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Added on June 8, 2019
Last Updated on April 14, 2020


Sami Vish
Sami Vish

Las Cruces, NM

Hi, my name is Sami Vish. I'm 27 years old. I've been writing poetry and fiction since I was seven. Writing was my first passion, singing was my second, and now creating a better world for us to live .. more..