My Present Past

My Present Past

A Poem by Sami Vish

It’s weird how I blink and I’m there

In the past

In this memory that’s never changed

Like the present never happened

Or I’m in some alternate reality where the present and past coexist


You tell me to get over it

But I can’t

Because to me it’s still not over

A familiar smell

I’m there

A familiar sound

I’m there

A familiar face

I’m there

A familiar song

And it’s like I never left


You can’t rescue me from this place

Because it’s stuck in limbo

Always there

But always out of reach

Always in the in between


Memories are like prison cells

There to remind you of the bars that once surrounded you

Is this PTSD?

Is that what I’m experiencing

Good lord

So simple, I think I may cry, or laugh


Maybe I should have taken those meds

Volunteered to change my brain chemistry

But it’s almost like I don’t want to leave

I like the in between

I like the memories

They make me feel like I use to be someone


But you think I’m someone

That should matter

I tell myself it does

But then I blink and I’m there

I smell that familiar scent

I’m there

I hear that familiar sound

I’m there

I see that familiar face

I’m there

I hear that familiar song

That f*****g song

And I’m transported back to the past

Like I never left

© 2020 Sami Vish

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Added on May 7, 2020
Last Updated on May 7, 2020


Sami Vish
Sami Vish

Las Cruces, NM

Hi, my name is Sami Vish. I'm 27 years old. I've been writing poetry and fiction since I was seven. Writing was my first passion, singing was my second, and now creating a better world for us to live .. more..