Fit Me Like a Glove

Fit Me Like a Glove

A Poem by Siddartha Beth Pierce

You don't know who I am or do you?

You don't even know my name or could you?

Hear me calling out to you in the darkness

wanting you so to embarce my soul

that calls out for its perfect mate-

the yin to yang -

the other half of what I am

as my fountain pen bleeds upon the pages

to reminisce like blood from my veins

calling out your name-

yet I know not what it is

or whom I speak of only that I feel your presence

near with the quivering of my tears

for that soul that makes me complete

I give back to thee all that you may need

in waxing poetic dreams, drippings from my pen

my heart, my soul, truly a tale to be told

to behold you in my gaze of emerald eyes

yours returned to me, doe-eyes or azure blue

I have not a clue-

only that I seek them every day

through streets of dismay, longing

to be near the other one of me

in manly form he shall be


feminine with touch now pass me my brush

as I will stroke you in my canvas

as we later turn to dust

together in the Light

of one another's gaze

embrace me my love, freeing the dove that coos

your very soul forever to behold

your loving kindness in my heart, my mind

you do exist - now bring me your crimson lips

sealing us as One, my dear husband to be

we shall always be

free within each others arms

one anothers charms

I delight in your being

although I have yet to meet you

I know that you are there

somewhere near

now come to me my love

fit me like a glove.



© 2008 Siddartha Beth Pierce

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Well now that what was perfect. A visiual calling out to a soul.just for you, to.envelop and develop a life times love. A soul mate I imagine does fit like a glove. Overrall, even without it, I find love to be a hopeful blessing, inspiring. A wonderful poem here poet.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Your call soul to soul profoundly expressed. Last three words perfect end to the poem.

Posted 12 Months Ago

I really enjoyed this. Very well written

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is especially beautiful and inspirational

Posted 2 Years Ago

This was good and I liked it 100/100

Posted 4 Years Ago

Love is an amazing this. so is what it inspires, this poem pours out from the heart, well done!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Finding the other half
the one person who gets it all

really well written

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Siddartha Beth Pierce
Siddartha Beth Pierce

Richmond, VA

Artist, Poet, Educator, African and Contemporary Art Historian more..


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