"our passage through time"

"our passage through time"

A Poem by Sierra,love

the world with labels,

Our Passage through Time


The world is my theatre and you are the star of this life-long picture

The heroin that the single girl in the crowd falls in love with

That girl is I

And you are falling into my eyes, and you complete my soul

You make me whole, you've reborn me inside

You've removed this disguise of empty smiles and laughtering echoes

You've touched my pain, you've kissed it green, you've kissed it free

Fly Away!

Pain – it flew away.

Savor my mind, my imagination, creativity's touch of my innocence

And innocence I do not possess,

Let's together dress

as we already do –

excluding ourselves

Since there is nowhere that we fit

Nowhere except for each other's arms

that reach out from our hearts

And grasp the ungraspable

We hold each other's soul, cupped in our hands

As we do the moon when it is whole in the sky

And we take a bite and get high from the dust of white

That is powdered by the weight of the world

Looming in the distance, suppressing the moon, and killing us soon

Repressing our Art, Destroying our hearts –

Just let it try!

For we will never Die

Even if we're murdered by the world

From fire-filled smoke that dances and twirls

Like ballerinas towards the sky

I hear the wind, or is that your voice? "I love you"

Blows through my breeze—filled hair, And I scream!

I Love You Too!

Tearing my vocal chords

Bursting my lungs

I swear I can see your winded—words now

Or is that the DRUGS?

The world is a leech, blind but deadly

Not as an individual but as a whole conformity

Worship, Obsess, Destroy, Control

Brainwashed unity takes target on the individuals

You and me, the only ones left in the moment

We're lost in sanity and warned to live in reality

But all we need is to be saved by: insanity

Creativity! The lack of responsibility in the Blue-white collared cubical world of squares

That faceless schmucks push buttons and masturbate in

Sending synthetic momentary pleasure to their brains

For their bodies were never real

They're just silvery screens redundantly playing

Prosthetic dreams of possibility's feasibility

That is far too unreal, unheard of, unspoken –

I love it.

I live for you, I live for the impossible

I live for the dreams I will fulfill

But not in my sleep, in my life of drowning deep


Sink! Sink!

Lie at the bottom of the sea and be washed away to nothing

Disintegrate from pain to peace



This grip on me is overtaking

Fore playing my mind to have an unsuspecting crash of bullshit!

lies! lies! lies!

Don't feed me f*****g lies! I can handle your pitiful truth

But can you handle stepping out of denial?

Realizing what exactly is going on

What's happening before your clouded eyes, your blinded mind

Realize! Recognize!

Admit your emotional addiction to a false sense of security in your false reality,

A versad of what really is a dream

Sing! Sing to me, oh lovely.


Eyes of golden lions that are fierce but gorgeous

My God! My future swims there

Swirling in a pupilly abyss, your eyes have been the hidden keys:

To my heart, my entirety, my soul, my body

Let me be your wave of the bay, and be my shore


Let me crash into you, every grain of your entire being

Come out from hiding

Throw away every piece of fear that society

Created for you, for I am here

So rest your head on my chest

And listen to my heart to confirm that thought

That yes, I am really here next to you

And feel your heart beat just as you do

For we are one

So as you rest on me and place your heart in mine

Take my hand and hold me tight

As we travel this world and beyond

On this TRIP…

Our Passage Through Time.

© 2009 Sierra,love

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Ur patience with word and thought and ur understanding of their affection-power, attraction and repulsion, within emotions, within rythmic lyrical sequencing of grammatical expression, within functional alignment of phrases and verses, abstract ideas,
is beautifully, affectionately artistic, are you a profession?. I'm envious. You conduct words and thoughts... and emotions, onto paper as if..., as if u know what love and music and art... aesthetics is all about: the blessing of God
to His children.
You r so blessed.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow, what a write, awesome, I'm speechless, your poem took my words away. Thank you for sharing.God Bless.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 8, 2009



somewhere,but not here, IN

My name is Sierra I am an artist and an indigo I am here for a reason and that is to live,learn,love and capture. I am not here to please you but maybe teach you, possibley you can teach me. I w.. more..