A Poem by Sierra Nerys

8th grade ftw. again. it was a dramatic year. a melodramatic year, actually.

I trusted you
I opened up
and once I did
I couldn't shut up.

I never thought
it'd be this bad
that you could break my heart
and leave me this sad.

I look at what had happened then
and wonder what went wrong
I guess I was just blind;
I should have seen it all along.

I never should have let you in
then it wouldn't hurt this much
and now its all been ruined
by some petty made up crush.

You took my heart
everything I have.
You never even wanted it
and still I'll never get it back.

Without you I feel lost
you were my best friend for so long
the person I could lean on
whenever things went wrong.

You could always make me smile
always make me laugh
so many things I learned to love
in the short time that we had.

Your expressions
the way you looked at me
your emotions
and the things that only I could see.

You always saw right through me,
you could even read my mind
now I'm not even your back-up
I just get left behind.

I guess all I have left to say
is that I'll be here,
waiting in the wings,
in case you ever change your mind.

© 2012 Sierra Nerys

Author's Note

Sierra Nerys
I don't care for this poem, personally, for multiple reasons. I know the meter changes a few times and that makes it a bit hard to read, and I also know that, in general, it isn't necessarily appealing.

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Added on February 11, 2012
Last Updated on February 11, 2012
Tags: love, trust, sad, waiting, best friend, smile


Sierra Nerys
Sierra Nerys

Talking about me isn't something I'm great at, so I'll just tell you why I'm here. I love to write, and most of the outlets I've used don't get me very far in sharing my work with other people. Critic.. more..