A Princess, a Dragon, and a Bitter End

A Princess, a Dragon, and a Bitter End

A Story by Sigia

Some story that I wrote a long time ago and re-fabricated.

       Once upon a time, there was a princess locked away in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Many knights have died at the entrance at the hand of the dragon. No one has made it even to the door of the tower. Bones, armor, and weaponary litters the ground. One day, a promising knight took the oath to save the princess. After all, what better way to prove one's self than to rescue the princess? The knight had trained his whole life for this He rushes to the tower to take on the dragon and save her. Eventually, the knight prevails over the dragon and rushes up the tower to where the princess waits. She greets him with a smile and walks to him. He is stunned by her beauty; so much that he did not see she had a hand behind her back. The two move in close. She moves her hand from behind her back and drives a knife near the knight's heart then jerks downward, causing the flesh to rip and blood to gush out and onto her. The knight could do nothing. She pushes him forward, towards the window. When he was near the window, she gives him a push after pulling her knife out, sending the knight out of the window and off the tower. She peers down, watching him fall. He greets his death with a splat on the ground. The princess could only smile at this.

The End.

© 2011 Sigia

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Added on September 22, 2011
Last Updated on November 3, 2011
Tags: Dragon, Princess, Death, Bad Ending



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