Chapter 1 - Their lives

Chapter 1 - Their lives

A Chapter by Silver

Introduction to the story characters

Rowan Sung is working as an intern in a kindergarten. After helping put the children to sleep, he moves to the cafeteria to talk to his coworkers.
- I hope I can win the contest. - The older girl says.
- What contest? - Rowan waltz in, asking.
- Um, excuse you?! You're not part of this conversation! - She replies.
- Pardon her, please. We're talking about the contest that will take 8 people from around the world to Australia on a camp. - The other person in the conversation answers.
Rowan walks away, thanking them. While still hearing them argue in the background, he thinks about it. "The chances of winning are very slim, but I could try. Plus, it could be my chance to finally get a boyfriend!" He then searches about the subject and joins the contest on the official website.

Serenity Newell is sitting on a bench in Hyde Park. She has the luck to find her crush there.
- Oh, fancy meeting you here! - Serenity exclaims in surprise. They're basically best friends. - Can I draw you?
The girl says yes, and the young artist sits on the bench nearby. She draws with a beauty only she could perceive. After she shows her crush the drawing and the girl walks away, she adds a whole bunch of cute pink effects and hearts.
"Oh, wait!" She looks around, not finding what she wanted. "Dang it! I missed my chance! I wanted to give it to her, since I might be going to Australia in a few days..."

Ivan Gagnon is playing videogame on his room
- Ivone! - His mother calls out. - It's time for dinner!
He pauses his game and heads downstairs, filled with dysphoria. For how long would he have to play the role of a girl like this?
- Are you excited for your trip? - she puts the plates on the table.
- Yeah, sure... - He says, sitting down, in a monotone voice.
- Aww, don't be like that, Ivone! It's your first time out of the country!
- It's not that... - He mumbles to himself, but she still hears.
- Then what is it?
- I... - he pauses for a moment. - Excuse me.
He takes his food plate and leaves, going back to his room.
- Ivone, get back here! - His mother goes after him, yelling at a desperate tone. - Ivone, why won't you answer me?

Dani Antúnez enters the therapist's office, already knowing they won't stay there for long.
- Miguel Antúnez! - She calls out.
Dani heads towards the door.
-¡Good afternoon, Miguel! ¡Let's begin!
She enters the room, but they stay there.
- Ms. Varella, I think I don't wanna talk about anything today.
- ¿Why not, Miguel? ¡You know you can always trust me!
They shake their head and leave. They had talked to her about their depression, but didn't feel comfortable coming out as nonbinary yet. "¿What do I do now?", they thought, "My parents are gonna kill me if I go home this early."
They decided to walk around for a while. They eventually found a pamphlet. It read: "¡Camping trip for teens age 16-19! ¡Join the contest now!" They decided to join in when they had the chance.

Sometime passed. It's now only a week away from the trip. The winners have been drawn out:
Rowan Sung, Serenity Newell, Ivone Gagnon, Dani Antúnez, Carol Freitas, Kanda Gadhavi, Tendai Idowu and Jolie Reynders.
They're separated in two groups of four. Each group has a Discord server so that the campers can get to know at least some people who will be there.

Rowan: hi everyone
serena_Pinkie: OMG this is so cool!!! so like, where u guys from?! im from london
ivangagnon: Russia, but my parents are french
Dani123: hey guys im dani im new here im 16 and im from argentina
Rowan: we're all new here Dani. anyway I'm corean american, I live in Kansas
HudsonWilkie: Alright, everyone! I'm Hudson Wilkie, and I'm gonna be your camp instructor. Is everyone excited?
Rowan: you bet I am!
serena_Pinkie: YASSSSS!!!!1!11!
ivangagnon: let's do this!
Dani123: yayyy o/

© 2019 Silver

Author's Note

Okay, that was my first chapter! What do you guys think of the characters? Also, is it too short? What else could i have added?

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Interesting font choice. I have no issues about that except yellow is a little hard to read.

You wrote: The actual camp lasts 10 days, so there will be 10 chapters!
But since their camping trip hasn't started in this chapter yet, I think this serves as a prologue.

You also wrote: Start date: July 2; Finish date: July 31
So I'm not sure if you'll be continuing to write this book, but I'll give you my take.

1. The dialogue is written in two different styles which is a little hard to read and makes me wonder if there's a special purpose.

2. Ivan Gagnon is playing videogame on his room
I think you meant " games in his room." (you also forgot to add a period)

3. Sometime passed.
I think you meant "Some time passed."

Posted 1 Year Ago

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