A Chapter by Angel of the devil

I watched the new alpha out of the corner of my eye, wondering what her next move is going to be. I watched as she tried to get everyone's attention, but failed many times. 
I finally had enough and stood up and screamed "SHUT UP!" 
"You are being disrespectful to our new alpha." 
I notice that she, the new alpha, is smiling, watching me, what on earth, why does she keep watching me? After this meeting is over, and everyone is gone, i am going to find out what is going on, and why she keeps staring at me. 
"Thank you angel. Now, let's get down to business. First off, my name is melrose." 
"they sent a female to rule us? To be our alpha?" asked jake. 
"yes, they did. do you have a problem with that?" asked melrose. 
"Not at all. We are all fine with it." stated angel. 

I looked over at our new alpha, and noticed that she was smiling. It was almost like she liked it when I spoke and told basically told everyone that they have no choice but to deal with our new alpha being a female, or i will kick their a*s. That is just the way i am, if you disobey the alpha, i will hurt you. 

"now, let us being the meeting. My name is Melrose. And as you all well know, i have been sent her to be your alpha. I know that you all have gone through a lot of alphas. And I know i am the last chance for all of you, if you can't get you s**t in place, and i can't give all of you the baby treatment. I am here to this pack in order. I am here to be a true alpha. I don't care if all of you are going to hate what I came here to do, this pack is out of order, and needs straightening up. I am here to that. Now, all of you will listen and do what i tell you to do. I don't want to hear any whinnying, or complaining. Now that is all. You are dismissed. "

© 2017 Angel of the devil

Author's Note

Angel of the devil
this is all of this chapter. I know it is not long, i am going to try to make the next chapter longer than this one.

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Added on January 20, 2017
Last Updated on January 26, 2017


Angel of the devil
Angel of the devil

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