A Chapter by Angel of the devil

this is where angel realizes that melrose is her mate.

After I told everyone what i am here to do, and dismissed them, i watched as angel stayed in her seat, waiting for everyone to leave. She is so beautiful, perfect, and mine. Her pale skin was perfect, her hair, falling over her shoulders, perfect. Her eyes, so enchanting, and beautiful. She was so beautiful and perfect. 
I watched the last person leave, then watched her get up and shut the door. And then, I watched her as she slowly walked towards me, almost as she was afraid of me. I would never hurt her. I would hurt anyone who would dare hurt her. No one harms an alpha's mate without being hurt. 
I pull out papers from my bag at my feet and sit down and start to look and go through them. I can tell she is going to rant at me, ask me a ton of questions, and that is the last thing that i want to do right now. To be honest, all i want to do is kiss her, hold her and love her. I want to show her that I am her mate. It's so hard to control myself, to hold myself back from smashing my lips onto her lips, kissing her deeply. It is so hard to control this urge. 
I hear her take a deep breath, and clear her throat at me. I look up into her eyes, and she looks back. 
"Why do you keep staring at me? What is going on? Who are you? Why did you smile when I stood up for you? What do you want with me? What is going on? Why....."
I didn't let her finish her little rant, I jumped out of my chair and crashed my lips against hers, kissing her with passion.  She jumps back, flying into the wall, accidentally letting her wings out. 
"Crap, no one is suppose to see them..."
"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful."
"Who are you?"
"I'm your mate, you are mine, angel."
" is impossible." 

I walked up to her and kissed her softly. Slowly, she kissed me back, but with more pressure. I kissed her harder, with passion. She moaned into my lips. I pulled away and looked at her. Her eyes were shining brighter than a night sky full of stars, shining bright. 

"I am not beautiful melrose."
I growl softly, and look at her "You are beautiful. 
She just smiled, and kissed me softly. I growled and kissed her harder, she responded by doing the same thing to me. I knew if this was to continue going on, that something would happen, and i knew we both are not ready for that so i pulled away, trying to catch my breath.  

I have never felt more alive in my life, then when I am with her. She is  amazing, beautiful, powerful, strong, she is my everything. And I love her. 

"You are very powerful, angel."
"I am not"
"You are too"
"am not"
"are too. You are so powerful that you can control me with just one look. You are so powerful that you can make me whimper like a little puppy dog with just one glare."

I watched as a blush slowly creeped up angel's neck and to her face, her face slowly becoming redder by the minute. It was so adorable.  

"Awww, you are blushing!"
"I am not blushing melrose."
"It's so cute!!!" 

I noticed as i said those words, she was blushing worse. She was so adorable when she blushes. 

"Well, you might hate me for saying this, but we have work that we need to get done. You know, our meeting, we have work that we have to get done. You have a lot to learn. You need to choose your beta. That needs to be done by tomorrow and then the pack will settle down. And the fact that you are getting right down to work, and fixing things, will help the pack a ton."

As I say that, i move away from her and start getting papers out. She comes and sits beside me and we get to work, working the whole night. 

© 2017 Angel of the devil

Author's Note

Angel of the devil
"Awww, you are blushing!"
"I am not blushing melrose."
"It's so cute!!!"

and that is the end of this chapter

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I enjoyed the read. You painted a clear picture of how neither wants to control themselves​ but know they must till later. Lord of the mad

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Angel of the devil

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