It Will Not Define Me

It Will Not Define Me

A Poem by Otsana

It will not define me

Suicidal isn't who I am
it is a mistake I once made
an action driven by desperation
simply a way to end the pain
but it doesn't and shouldn't define me
or give you the right to call me names
because I am a human too
A human just like you

You taunt and you tease
with words that cut so deep
you call me a "freak"
Yet you stand infront of me, a person weak
preying on the vulnerable, hurt and lost
making yourself feel bigger and better
only deep down inside, you know
it's not me who is the lost cause

It's easy to see all that is wrong in me
but what about you?
Do you not have faults too?
So, I'm an attention seeker, you say
but is that really the case?
I inflicted the pain upon myself
unlike you who insists on getting a kick
out of the pain you cause everyone else

The difference between you and me
is that my attempt will not define me
Yes, I am not perfect by far
and that day will always be
a permanent scar upon my heart
but people will move on and
forget that girl they once knew
who tried to commit suicide "out of the blue"

But you...people will never forget
your harsh and scaring words
the ones you spat out of malice
only so your spitefulness could be heard
For your five minutes of fame
they will surely remember your name
those emotions you made them feel
the ones that always seem so real

is what will ALWAYS define you! 

© 2013 Otsana

Author's Note

There's nothing I hate more than bullies, people who are mean just for the sake of being mean. It happens too often that people get to the point where they just don't think there is another option and I've been there and I wish I could have been there for all those other people who weren't as lucky as myself because things do get better.
Attempting suicide isn't the beginning and end of you, people don't realise how that one moment of weakness is a reflection of how strong you've had to be.
I like to think that no one would witness bullying and let it happen but I know otherwise, I wish people would speak up because a few words could save a whole life.

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Added on October 21, 2013
Last Updated on October 21, 2013



United Kingdom

I have just started using this again after a year of not really being active so send me read requests and I will get around to reading your work. It would be appreciated if you return the favour but I.. more..

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