The mistress to my demons

The mistress to my demons

A Poem by Tyler

Looking for that women who will f**k me at gun point after I rob the world for what it's worth

This is not about you

Done talking to these wack f***s - don't misconstrue my anger for negativity it's one and the same and in align with my positivity and optimism

It's not about you , but if you get offended then it's for you about you and I'm
Calling on you

Just kidding I don't care never did never will

But this is about me myself and I
So stop thinking the world caters to your every whim
I'll make that b***h swim upstream
And that b***h is my life

Don't judge till you know me. I don't judge you , not because I don't know you , but because I don't care who you are


Salty I am but I'll squeeze a lemon in your eye while you eat this and call it a lie. Cause you think you're pure , but you're pure garbage. Government needs to dispose you as the trash you are.

They said one to many times I need to.

Said stop that talking get to that walking
Started walking now they want me talking.

I'm done talking I'm just taking
You from this world show you the future
Bring the past back like it's in the presence
Of this presence I call greatness

The greatest thing since nirvana
Bigger than Warhol

F**k you and your opinions
I'll treat them like pocket change
Here's a penny for you thought.

Ain't going to be humble no more no more
I was treated by the way I talked
Now I'm treating my art as the future
It's walking down the red carpet
I'll have that rolled out her dolled out.

This is the future don't agree I'll disagree
Let my enemies stay caged by their mind
I'm unleashed like my rage I'm locked in.

This is a cage of misery
And I don't want company I need company
Organizations and empires and kingdoms to come.

So talk that yap yap

I'm Done listening to you
I'll just show you what I see
See when you see what I see
You'll say how didn't I see that

That's that you get the point
This is just the hammer hitting
That nail into my coffin
So welcome to my funeral
No exclamation or period
This will have her going menstrual.

Cause when you see what I see
You'll see this has nothing to do with art

F**k my heart
Tear my soul
F**k my mind put my body to the grind

I'll show you the hell I lived through
What I had to get through
Just to see this through
Through and through I'm pure and raw.

If I was a drug I'd have Cobain snorting it

And how about this
Eat my words swallow my visuals
Regurgitate my beliefs and choke
F**k a b***h a women and a man
Me vs myself vs I
I'm no longer talking to you
I'm looking right through you

So easily offended these boys and girls are
And if you thought I gave up
I only gave up on what wasn't working
Cause I'm working on bigger better things
Things that will make your heart skip
Your feet will jump
When I say how high she will just grab on
Cause this world is for me and her

The mistress to my demons

© 2017 Tyler

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Added on March 6, 2017
Last Updated on March 6, 2017
Tags: Devil, child, women, partner, in crime, crooked, smiles, torn, hearts, grunge, grime, girl, wild, art, artist, lyrics, rap, truth, future



Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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