End of time

End of time

A Poem by Tyler

2017 = year 1BAC

They keep saying I'm satanic
Flipped Rosses with twisted perceptions
Hidden meanings with symbolic rituals
I'm talking to ghosts of a past

The future was repeated I was defeated
But I'm back
He's back
Half man half women
A man she's
Out for revenge blood and tainted souls
So foul
She's seeing blood on the walls of a grave

Life hit reset
Life is on the rise
Death is invite her in

The door to the gates closed
The pyramids collapsed closed him in
Free man no more
A renegade stuck in purgatory

Life hit the reset
Life is in the rise
Death is invite her in

Stuck between a reality of a dreamlike duality
A horror story that's gory to the core
A belief lost through man kind
A hidden passage through a tunnel
Light bottled in a jar
A bar of gold and locks
Not for the meek or Ill
So sickening your throat closes in

Voices are trapped inside
Images closed for time to come
The resurrection of Janus

Life is in reset
Life is in the rise
Death is invite her in

Death is invite her in
Will you let her in
Will you ?

A hidden memory seeded and depleted by man
A women in her purest form
Creativity and intellect superior by morals and ethics
But the monster is a cage

It's rage I am just
I'm just a mirror for all
A martyr

I don't know what to say
All words fall on the deaf
All images lay on the blind
A one of a kind
Unique like the devil
An idea of what you want
Doing what you want for yourself
The 33 degree
The future wife of a god
I'm just waiting awaiting your call


And I'm seeing god through my heart
I'm not looking for my sanity
The only fool is that of a calamity
A hidden gem of an alien empire
Call it the lost Atlantic city
Depleted and blood splattered teardrops


The above is none of the boxes worth a check
It's void
It's a moot point but I'm sure it will help
I'm not looking forward
I'm not looking at the walls
They speak like my subconscious
Subliminal subjective opinions of women
Men are not worthy
They say I'm one of them
Not one of them you and I aren't

So take these twisted thoughts and flip your perception
Tilt your head and swallow the led

Don't think
Just grab the knife
Take it to your throat


The devil inside me is calling the shots
Seeing the future one eye in my past
Present through the presence of a petty lie
Stones thrown
A mirror shattered
With a heart tattered battered and rattled to the book of a human calamity

The end of a story
The shining of a new age
An era of truth

But the devil is playing poetry with a soul of a tainted women
Hidden inside a body of a man

Twist my thoughts and misinterpret my actions
They don't see the future claim it like a false prophet
A mirage of knowledge of secrets


© 2017 Tyler

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Added on April 2, 2017
Last Updated on April 2, 2017
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Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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