Hieroglyph Lust

Hieroglyph Lust

A Story by Tyler

Every women , every one I see ... I want to spread your legs to the side , grab your body like it was the anchor to my shore. Dig my fingers into your body as I lick your wet , sweaty body and f**k .

Time : 2:45
Date : Tuesday
Location : Bed of sin ( hieroglyph Lust )

The quote unquote artist

See , the viewer , you , yes you. I'm talking to you , but you see , the reader did not see.

Like all nights the artist , looked up , side to side and wondered ... Why don't the walls talk ? Why don't they comfort my heart , my soul and mind ?

I guess like any other Human , the quote unquote artist loved the idea of friends , family , love , lust , sex. I mean dirty , wet , sweaty sex. See. You see , the quote unquote artist craved sex , like you , oxygen , but unfortunately sex and him , were not good friends , s**t , they were not even mutually loved.

See. You see , sex for him was a drug , a band aid. A way to escape the torturous memories of a past life that held all cards to his future. See. You see , an hour , a moment , f**k , a god dam second with a women ; it had the power to resurrect the artist from his desire to die , even if it was merely a temporary fix.

Like all things in life that cause pleasure , it was not enough. Nothing and no one was. No amount of love , lust and dopamine could fulfill the artist's desire to feel , to feel good. To feel complete. To feel as if life would and could get better. But. Like all stories , the truth is not an answer , nor a solution. It is just a way to piss you the f**k off until you grab your c**k and cum all over yourself , in desperate hopes that the action of cumming will be enough to take your mind off death and it's intimate grip it has.

Like all nights ... They ended the same for the quote unquote artist. The thought of death. The hope of love and the conclusion that the world and him are better separated.

Like all nights the artist will dream of the women to whom he will hold , caress and f**k until they scream bloody murder , but , this is a story after all. A story based on fiction, but if fiction were reality , we would all be high , yet when I look outside ... that's all I see

Until next time

- The quote unquote artist

© 2017 Tyler

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Added on April 4, 2017
Last Updated on April 4, 2017
Tags: Sex, dirty, thoughts, art, artist, lost, love, desperate, suicidal, depression, anxiety, story, expression, writing, abstract, contemporary, literature, poetry



Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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