A Story by Tyler

A world of life , hope and love - said by the truly ignorant. Bless their souls

Time 3:09
Date : Tuesday
Location : The Hallow Hallway

Do you ever wonder ? I mean really wonder. I mean wonder to the point that you reach the brick wall , the wall that has all clotted blood dripping from. The wall they claim not exist , but the wall your dreams haunt you with.

Do you ? I mean do you want to ?

I mean if such things existed , would you be ready to look at it , as if death were a brick , layer upon layers of which patterns , glued by the mortar to which act as a painting ....

I mean do you know ?

Like all nights , the hours just stopped. The quote unquote artist stared at his future. Loving each moment as if he could mysteriously transport his self to future times , but like reality , what goes up .... well it never actually comes down , you just perceive it to.

I was sitting here , writing this , talking about him , to you , by you and for you. Yet , the artist always knew his future would be all that of dreams , sex and riches.


Life has a funny way of stroking your ego , making you cum , then making you lick up your s**t and call caviar... Oh well. I guess that's life. One long game of merry go f**k yourself , round and round you go. Just one decision away from rock meeting bottom and head meeting concrete floor.

Oh , if the day would not come , the quote unquote artist would say. Oh , if the day could just f**k right off , the quote unquote would Chant. Oh , if I could just f*****g die in my sleep , the world could go on its merry way , with its plastic people and its plastic charm.

For this world is made of two people.

Fake love


Bitter sweet despair

Yet , the ones who claim moral servitude , preach their holier than though attitude ; Never do apologize. Not for their actions not for the hundreds of blood shed miles they caused.

Because as said.

The world is full of plastic people

And chances are

You are one of them

Until next time

- The quote unquote artist

© 2017 Tyler

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Added on April 4, 2017
Last Updated on April 4, 2017
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Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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