A Poem by Tyler


They seem to misconstrue me by the inch or two
And I'm a giving them a mile
I Break it I broke it I fucked it
again and again I'm back to this again
Back to square 1
Might as well buy me a bed a casket somewhere to put my head into a casket cause these thoughts are rotting me from the outside in I'm inside out just flailing about

And they always said Oh you have that something but it's something oh I think it's something
And oh I oh. I know oh and I oh I know. I know
And oh I oh. I know oh and I oh I know. I know

And I know oh I f*****g know all talk no walking but how about walking through my door half in between reality blending merging into friction fiction conviction centre
The rub
oh that thing you call love.
It's a dust particle manufactured by the pharmacists
And I'm
Snorting it cutting it I'm f*****g needle in arm bearing my wrists heart struck I'm half dead never alive

And they said oh they said just a little longer keep at it
Keeping at it like my ways are Sanity's remedy to normality I'm just not fit for society
Got my middle finger up and about like a gopher I'm bobbing for opinions trying to find an ounce of ignorance to reassure my arrogance
Got to keep it aligned with my goals of making you see your reflection like a Rock hitting a dove like a hand in a glove I'm going to sock it to you and watch you bleed in envy
I'm not here to coddle you toss you to the wolves I'm here to stir the cup and watch it runneth over

Cause I'm coming to run you the f**k over limbs and body under the wheel I'm letting satan steer. Dude that's the deal a deer in the headlights I'm god fearing but I'm dead at the core this apple ain't for the biting I'm biting my lip drowning I'm f*****g suffocating by the blood its clotted and you dumb f***s are responsible you got blood on your hands like I got sin on my neck

And you'll expect a sorry dear cause I'm
Sorry dear but no ones home knock f*****g knock on this door and you'll see the devil in the flesh fleshing out the blueprint to my tongue on her pink print so print this publish this call me this and that I'll play it back like a tit for a tat like a cat I'm on life 9 and I'm so f*****g asinine I'm playing tic tac toe I'm stubbing your toe walking to the fridge
F**k I don't know why I bother I'm just full of turrets and I'm walking like I got the munchies for offending you c***s like I do for eating you like I'll take your soul
And they said I was this I'm about this I lived this I came from this I don't have to prove this but you make it unbearable to not prove my point so let me mark this and shove this into the mailbox and stamp it like my point
Cause point is you can't f**k with this

Cause oh I know
I'm just a needle in a haystack waiting for a hand
A prick
I'm going draw your blood
I'm out for it

© 2017 Tyler

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wow...f**k...very intense. Was this written from the perspective of someone on acid? great feeling of disjointedness. Wandering. Got an image of a stumbling drunk while i read this. Very well done

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2017
Last Updated on August 6, 2017
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Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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