A Poem by Tyler


It's a feeling like waking up from a nightmare in full terror got my mind suffocating it's drowning I'm f*****g frowning ain't no love for me

Hitting my face like why the f**k you sitting down you f*****g disgrace you are a s**t stain to the human race
Now get the f**k back up and fetch me a vodka so the poison settles your tummy you f*****g dummy
Yeah drink another have another one after another you'll be in the corner hurling your beliefs like your regurgitated thoughts

Oh oh I just wanted a friend little ol me
I just wanted a friend just a friend

So here's a bottle of piss you ungrateful f**k better drink fast out last our next session
One whip two whips and a shoe up your a*s
I'll have you back sitting here like it were an extortion a contortionist I'll become bending my back for your friendship

And I got a chip on my shoulder bout to roll off like a boulder building momentum it's got to weigh a ton and it's about to be a loaded gun revolving through the horrid doors of the corridors I call my brain
I'm f*****g insane stop trying to save a dead horse I'm belly up gas leaking causing her to get out yelling freaking the f**k out

And maybe they should have would have if they could have

Just a left a me in the a insane asylum, what you thought I'd get better ?
Yet when I had her I felt like finally someone and it's that someone I I struck with a twelve foot bat
I guess it was tit for tat tic tac toe knocking down a domino cause this disease is spreading like a wild fire I'm burning what's left of my soul
And no ones here to hear me screaming

Just wanting a friend just a friend for little ol Me
Just need a friend oh oh I want a friend for little ol me

Oh you want a friend oh here I'll give you some pills some empty thrills a bottle of jack so you can f**k that and swallow it down
With some experiences

God dam

So foul I'm a stain on your mind can't put me in a bind grind it down to the bare bones and you'll see I'm just psycho stay away be aware
This dog has rabies bite your face the f**k off then say sorry, still friends ?
Ah f**k I fucked my bucket like a list with bullet points I'm shooting all my goals from the hip with a cane in hand I'm limping to the finish line with him in the shadows

Him ?

Yeah he lost his mind went inside the shed sharpened his knife slit his throat called it his wife now he's ended his life
Oops was this supposed to have a happy ending like my condom breaking and her tossing a lawsuit on my lap instead of her a*s I got a dumb f**k drug dealer dealing me threats and an ex sucking a dirty dick
L o L oh f*****g well

Oh and okay I guess I forgot to offend someone but you said I was a sweet heart
Maybe oh maybe you looked into his eyes saw my lies let them deceive you believe you me I'm much more evil then loving

But I'm loving these evil ways but I'm trying f*****g crying oh f*****g save me from him I love him oh I do but if I stay I'll be dead locked in a shed tied to a chair gagging on a Molotov cocktail

Times up

© 2017 Tyler

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Added on August 8, 2017
Last Updated on August 8, 2017



Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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