A Poem by Tyler

Always been told sit down shut it
Close your mouth don't utter another word
Write it down keep it to yourself
Dirty opinions for my degenerate thoughts
Thinking back and forth a wonder on a shooting star
Could I ever be as big as you are

Feeling like I bear a cross with the devil in the reflection I'm projecting
I'm waking in the sand one set of footprints
God is dead
The devil is alive satan ain't a lie
Two lefts make a right but we're stuck on the left it's moving to the centre and there's no right left to utter a disaster it's in the making

We're in the collapse
Veins folded
Money rotting the core
A ship destined to collision

Had me a vision
Truth over lies and a devil in disguise I'll be the initials of the devil cause it's in the details I'll capture attention like a rapture

Wondering where the past ends and the future starts
Cause I'm seeing his history repeat itself
Its just repeating oh its just repeating itself

Angry violent protests
Death on the streets
Vigilante activists screaming dreaming up a utopia of censor the opposing and keep on the on and on we'll just keep moving on along
Head down dead eyes empty stares I guess who cares
They don't so I don't I should I could and would but they reap what they sew

The stitches the ditches oh they will be filled
Dead bodies for all
Dead bodies for all

We don't learn
History on repeat
Keeping to the same beat
The drum of death is the bass to the drugs you stop drop and roll in a convulsion
You're biting your tongue
You're drowning

History is just
Its just on repeat
It's just on repeat

And the dead they scream
The dream oh its a dream just a dream a f*****g dream so I'll just keep at the dreaming wishing on a shooting star
Could the future be that far
Mom we almost there

History on repeat
History on repeat
History on repeat

Wondering how and why we got here
Drink me another beer have a shot I'm stressed
Take a pill slit my wrists
Just stressed just stressed why I'm so stressed

Cause history is on repeat

And how could little ol me defeat beat the devil with marry as his mistress
I digress
How can I not fall prey to those with ill intentions
Cause I'm out looking for greatness
They power and greed

And I don't want history to stay on repeat
And I don't want history to stay on repeat

So I'll repeat my thoughts these opinions till the controversy is you seeing irony like a w***e wearing a white gown
Make you frown
Cause you to drown

Welcome to the deep end of the pool
No boat no paddles just a blood bath for ignorance

Now dance and play these words like a fiddle
And enjoy the riddle
Cause Who oh who misconstrues my words the most

© 2017 Tyler

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Added on August 15, 2017
Last Updated on August 15, 2017



Toronto, Canada

The Story of an Artist struggling with the grips of addiction , the tension of a past that taunts his mind , but the triumph of his will to show the world wrong , to prove his past wrong and to create.. more..

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