8. Chapter Eight

8. Chapter Eight

A Chapter by Sinbulvinter

At the Monster's request, Frey begins stalking Rema to learn more about her. Rema meets a strange man in her bar who leaves her with a bad feeling.


Warning: Chapter contains rather graphic gore/blood, Murder and Violence, mentions of drugs and alcohol, and themes and topics that may disturb a sensitive reader...


Ever since I left that woman's apartment in the middle of the night, she's been on my mind like some kind of plague. I wanted to forget all about the stupid woman, but the Monster never let me �" encouraged me to find her and watch her. I didn't understand what was so special about her... The Monster never spared anyone before, much less encourage me to get to know someone.

I probably should feel some gratefulness for Rema helping me. No one had ever shown me that kind of compassion before. But, I didn't trust the woman. Would rather leave before she asked any more questions about me and I had to kill her or leave town again.

The wounds started to heal after a few days, at least enough for me to walk on. After a week, I unwrapped my leg and just left the injury alone. It would either heal fine and I'd have nothing to worry about, or it'd get infected and I'd die. Either way I didn't really give a damn.

I spent my time following the woman Rema, watching her normal routine and trying to understand who she was and why the Monster found her so interesting. I found she worked at that bar and grill nearly every night, lived in a cheap apartment with some partying blond who was barely ever home, and only left the house to see some colored dude every so often or hit up a liquor store, which I noticed she did a lot.

Hell, the girl drank every f*****g night. Even on her way home from work she'd buy a bottle and down it before she even got to her apartment. I'd watch her cry though the window of her home, having drunken mental breakdowns every few nights.

I found she wasn't as normal as I thought she was... She was more damaged than she appeared. Held more pain on her shoulders than most of the people out there. I'd seen people in difficult times, who had some petty depression issues, but I hardly saw people who I believed actually experienced pain like I did. Most people didn't even have an idea what real suffering was, but Rema... She certainly came close judging by the way she behaved when she thought no one was watching.

Go find a target, Frey... It's been too long.” The Monster told me.

I rolled my eyes, “It's been a week. Not ages.” My body still hurt quite a bit, and I still walked with a limp, but a doubted the Monster gave a f**k about that.

Someone needs to die. To suffer. To shed blood.”

I exhaled, “Sure...”

I didn't mind the idea, and wouldn't have given it a second thought if it wasn't for my tired and pained state. I was actually itching for a good hunt. I wanted to make someone feel pain, maybe it would distract me from my own.

I had been staying under the bridge for a while, staying close enough to the barrels of fire to keep myself warm, yet far away from the other homeless people who were staying there. I observed them, looking for someone to target... Someone who was more of a waste than most.

There was a man who was always there, sitting close to the fire with a blanket wrapped around him and a backpack. He always scratched at himself, spoke in a shuttering voice, and bugged out at the smallest thing: usually picking fights with other people.

I waited until most of the people had fallen asleep in their spots and the man was still up, smoking a cigarette by the fire. I walked up to him slowly, making him jump when I appeared behind him without him noticing.

His eyes were bloodshot and crazed when he looked at me, “Whoa, scared me there, man!” He snorted in laughter, his eyes scanning me for a moment as I stared at him. “You lookin' to buy something?”

I smirked slightly. He was a drug dealer, who most likely used his own supply. The kind of person no cops would bother giving a damn about if he turned up dead and no one would bother missing if he disappeared. It was perfect.

He looked around, waving me over as he stood up and encouraged me to follow him to a more isolated area. He certainly wasn't very bright. He bent down to open his beat-up backpack. “So, what you looking for? I got a pretty wide range.”

I could see the backpack was mostly filled with bags and plastic bottles of all kinds of pills and powders, which made me understand why he always seemed so protective of it.

I reached down as he shuffled through it, grabbing the collar of his shirt and whipping him through the air. His head smacked a wall and I strolled over to him in large steps, kicking the shock off his face. I watched his shaking hands reach for a knife, the panicked motion of his eyes telling me he had no idea how to use it.

He swiped wildly at me and I stepped backwards to avoid it, sidestepping again to sweep down and snatch his arm when he tried slashing me again. I twisted his wrist, hearing the pop of his bones beginning to crack like the breaking of branches on a tree.

What are you doing? Back off!” His breathing became pants as the knife fell from his fingers before I let his wrist go. He clutched it close to him and slid backwards to a safer distance.

I closed the space with only a few steps and attacked again, this time grabbing both sides of his head. I didn't say a word, didn't give him time to react or reason with me. I smashed his head over and over into the brick wall behind him until blood and brain matter painted it.

I slammed his head on the wall until long after he was dead. I did it until all my rage, all my confusion, blood lust, and hatred had disappeared and I was left feeling as empty as his eyes looked. Then, I stood, feeling the warm sticky blood and brains on my hands from his crushed skull and stood there while the Monster forced me to look so It could admire the work.

The junkie's face was swollen, eyes bulging out of the sockets with the whole back of his skull open and leaking blood, fluid, and mushed brains. It was both the most horrifying and beautiful sight to behold.

I sighed, walking away as if nothing happened.

I stayed up the whole night to avoid the Monster messing with my head while I slept, and spent my time wandering around the city. Waiting until Rema normally left her house around two in the afternoon for the liquor store. The woman couldn't seem to go more than a few hours a day without booze.

I didn't even know anymore why I bothered following this woman around. I had been watching her for a while now and I still never saw anything all that different about her. The Monster insisted I kept following her, at this point I just kind of wanted to kill her and get it over with so I could move on with my useless life... The Monster wanted her alive. It wanted me to watch her and wait... For something.



Another night at the bar, waiting the tables and dealing with rude, drunk customers. This was why I hated weekends, the worst types of people seemed to show up. It usually got so stressful to be constantly yelled at and talked to like I was a piece of meat, I resorted to sneaking sips from a half pint in my bag just to make it through the night.

The other waitresses didn't make it any easier... If anything, their stress just fed mine.

I went to a new customer to take his order, and instantly got a completely different vibe from him that I didn't get from the others here. I felt it as soon as he walked in... It felt like danger. The energy was so tight around my throat, it was like he was choking me.

It was a man; Mid-forties, maybe, dressed in a dirty white shirt and worn out jeans with work boots. He was tall, husky but muscular, and had dark hair and snake eyes. Something about the way he held himself, and the way he looked around the room and his eyes watched everything seemed so familiar it sent chills down my spine.

Can I take your order?” I asked.

Coffee, darlin'. Black. No sugar.” He had a thick southern accent and a deep voice, yet spoke in a formal manner that seemed put-on and fake.

I scribbled in my order pad. “Is that all?”

For now, at least.”

I nodded and quickly went off to fetch the cup and a pot for him, setting it down on his table. The way his eyes scanned me, looking me over as if he was studying me, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Ya work here pretty often?” He asked, “I'm lookin' for somebody, heard he's been around here before.”

I swallowed, shifting my weight on my feet. “I've been working here for a while. Who is it your looking for exactly?”

A man. Mid-twenties. Dark hair. Blue eyes. 'Bout six foot, I'd say.” He smirked when he caught the look I gave. “I ain't a cop, darlin'. Just a man looking for an old friend.”

I chewed on my lip. “That could be a number of people, sir. I'm not sure.” I desperately waited one of my other tables to call on me, I was getting uncomfortable just talking to him. I normally wasn't very comfortable around men, but something about this man made my skin crawl.

He's got a whole lot of scars. Wouldn't be hard to miss. Probably homeless as well. Ring any bells?” He stared at my face, observing my expression as I tried to remain passive.

That description certainly did ring a bell. My mind flashed back to Frey, who I hadn't seen since he showed up outside the bar about two weeks ago. For some reason, I felt uneasy telling this man I had seen Frey.

I pretended to think, shrinking back a bit. “I don't know. I don't think so.”

He straightened his back, staring right into my eyes. “Are you sure about that?”

I couldn't look away from those coal black eyes. “Maybe... I've seen someone who sounds kind of like that.” I said slowly, trying to keep my voice from shaking. “Do you mean Frey?”

He beamed, nodding eagerly. “Yes, Frey.”

Is he in some kind of trouble?”

He smiled, almost sweetly but it made him look even more intimidating. “I said I ain't a cop, be so tight lipped.” He chuckled, leaning back again to put his hands behind his head. “He isn't in trouble. Do you know where he is? I'm an old friend, heard he was having some housing issues, but I can't seem to find him.”

I shook my head, “He's... Homeless. Could be anywhere.” I shrugged, scratching at my arm. I wanted to get away from this man as soon as possible. I didn't like being around him. “I only met him a few times... Kind of keeps to himself. I haven't seen him in weeks.”

Really?” He asked, “I heard someone who looked like him was outside here just a few days ago.”

I might not have been working.”

He nodded, leaning forward again to reach for his cup. “If you see him, be sure to tell him I'm looking for him.”

Sure...” I said, “And your name is...?”

He'll know who I am.” He gave a crooked smirk and dismissed me.

The whole rest of the night, the man stayed there �" ordering coffee and staring at me from across the room. It made me feel more and more nervous as the night went on to the point I was scared of walking home alone.

When I got off, I stayed inside to call up Zekk for a ride, explaining that a strange man had been at the bar all night and I didn't feel safe to walk home. Zekk, of course, showed up in no time.

So... Did something happen?” He looked me over, as if checking for blood or signs of a struggle... Signs I had killed again.

No. That's why I called you, so nothing did.” I told him. “It was just... A really weird night.”

He nodded, starting the car after he lit my cigarette for me. “How so?”

I exhaled heavily, rubbing the bridge of my nose. “Remember that guy Frey I told you about?”

The homeless one. Yeah. What about him?”

This man showed up tonight looking for him.”

He nodded slowly, eyes narrowing as he appeared to think. “What, was he a cop or something?”

I shook my head, “He made it clear he wasn't... Said he was an old friend... The weird thing was Frey distinctively told me he didn't have friends or family.”

He shrugged, sighing. “Maybe he just meant in general... Doesn't seem like anything to worry about.”

No, you don't understand... The man was... Weird. He was really creepy and just made my skin crawl... Something about him didn't feel right.”

He bit his lip, his jaw tightening in reluctance. “Maybe that's just your paranoia talking, Rema... I mean, you know how you get around men...”

It wasn't in my head.” I told him firmly. “Something did not feel right.”

I wouldn't worry so much.” He said.

I'm trying... It was just something about his aura and the way he looked at me...” A shiver ran down my spine. “I still feel it.”

Would you feel more comfortable staying at my place for the night?” Zekk asked, trying to hide his hopefulness.

I smiled gently, “Yes. I'd like that.”

Zekk welcomed me in his apartment like usual, offering me food if needed it. He acted so tender and caring, even though he thought I was overreacting. We went outside on his porch to smoke, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me close.

It made me feel safe, he always did, but it hurt to admit to myself the feelings I thought I had for him never truly existed and that I had only used him as a stepping stone to get over my husband. I would never tell him that: It would completely break our friendship. I knew he still cared for me, perhaps loved me, but I'd never feel that way for him.

He gave me a gentle kiss on my shoulder, nuzzling his forehead into my hair and I shied away from his touch, feeling the hurt of rejection drip off him as he sighed and drew away. “Sorry.” He mumbled.

It's okay... I just, don't feel like I'm in that kind of mood right now.” I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't attracted anymore, especially since it had only been a few weeks since we slept together. I wasn't sure if he thought we were a couple, or just friends with benefits. I didn't have the heart to tell him we weren't either of those and I was just using him.

I get it.” He said, that laid-back grin coming back to his face as he flipped one of his dreads away from his eyes. “But seriously, girl, don't worry so much.”

Maybe Zekk was right and I was just being paranoid. I didn't really have any concrete reason to be freaked out or uncomfortable, maybe it was just in my head. Nevertheless... I couldn't sleep that night.

© 2017 Sinbulvinter

Author's Note

Okay, so little summary like usual,
This takes place about a week after the previous chapter, Frey's stalking Rema now, 'cause yeah... he's a fucking creep. Well, it's more that the Monster is curious about her and encouraging him to follow her. And, Obviously, Frey has some serious anger issues and decides to murder a guy rather violently.
Rema, on the other hand, runs across a stranger who shows up at her place of work and begins asking questions about Frey. He leaves her with a very uneasy feeling, which her and Zekk write off as Rema's paranoia towards men. (And if you've read the previous version of this story, I'm sure you already know who this guy is.)
We also see a bit more of Zekk and Rema's relationship and how deep it actually goes. Which is actually one of the biggest changes made in this rewrite - Zekk and Rema. So, there ya go...

Any feedback, corrections, reviews, or thoughts, is very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read. =)

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