Day 10

Day 10

A Chapter by Skoo.

Today it is day 10. Today is the police, asking, again,  what do I remember. Today is me reciting everything. The broken factory clock. The mundane journey, the freshly ironed overalls and dull grey work boots. Simon, drunk, yelling at me. 

"We need this. They need this."

Only when we destroy this world will God create a new one. I read that in a book, somewhere. That was before I met Simon, before quarantine, before this "interview". 

The police officer asks again, is there anything else, while tiny salted beads of sweat ooze from his face, stain his collar, drip to the table. He sounds desperate. He said earlier, thirty years as a bobby, keeping the streets clean, thirty years and nothing like this. His job is worthless now there are no streets.

There is nothing else, I say, I told you all of it. They must have interviewed everybody in that factory at least a hundred times each. 
Except Simon. 

© 2013 Skoo.

Author's Note

I think it may be blindingly obvious in this that I'm a Chuck Palahniuk fan.

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I am so intrigued. You just hinted at so many things, and I love it. Also that quote ("when we destroy the world..") was a REALLY nice touch.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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