Day 13

Day 13

A Chapter by Skoo.

They keep calling it an infection. They keep referring to those left outside as "The Infected".
This is not an infection; Simon has told me so. Simon told me that this was just a small piece of chaos, to show them what they have created. It was all thanks to Simon, as he stirred the substance in the smoking metal pot he told me all about his plan, and this is how I know they are wrong.

I've told them nothing of salt. The police did not come yesterday, or today. The psychiatrist has stopped watching us in the lunch hall, that God awful place with the relentless white lights and cold steel benches. There is no news anymore. Behind the layers of titanium walls and armed guards, life goes on.

© 2013 Skoo.

Author's Note

Just a teensy tiny one, Sorry Ben, I know the wait's been killing you d:
Day 27 should be done by tomorrow evening at the latest.

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Thanks buddy :D
Loving the ambiguity of it all.

(a few small mistakes, like "as [he] stirred" and "infection[;] Simon has told me")

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Sorry, I'll get 'em fixed now, thanks (: I need to proof read more xD

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