Am I Enough

Am I Enough

A Poem by sinNsincerity

Behold, you desire true sincerity;
and secretly, you teach me wisdom.

It's Divine intervention,
Whether it's heaven sent
Or hellbent...
It's all Divine.

You say you're broken, but on the
Whole you're all mine. Beautiful like
God stepped into time. Beautiful like
When God took Adam out of time and later
Laid him down as he created heavens last
Gift from his terran rib.

Yes, nectar is pretty in such flowers
And fruits, but you see, it is you, My
Women that bears the ever first seed
That sprouts life in your womb. What's more beautiful than being the one who has the
Authority to pluck the fruit from my tree.

If I passed by a body of water and saw
Your reflection in it, I would stay till I
Withered away and echo into a wild golden and
Pale daffodil. If the gaze in your direction were of that beautiful maiden whose head were made of Snakes, I, unlike Perseus, the journey to
Thy Hades mind I shall forever take, to be
Thine everlasting stone frozen in time in Athena's shrine. If you were the hottest, untouchable, untamed helios in this universe, as Phaethon, I swear to you by the river styx, to ride and tame your chaotic light, which moves as a fiercely hot chariot pulled by your flamed horses, and I shall never lose hold of your reigns because I am your rock recount, so I shall burden your painstaking weighs that scorch your sacred heaven-sent thoughts, and if I shall crash and burn by the strike of a load of dull thunderbolts, it was because of Zeus's jealousy of me being in possession of thee, therefore, failure cannot be accounted for no matter how greatly I dared. If your swan I shall be, what matter such things as nectar of plants and fruits, if you are the Queen bee, the womb and the seed, the life bearer that gives roots, willow, branches, and leaves to our family tree.

© 2020 sinNsincerity

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I like how you’ve braided a variety of references here and I especially liked this:
“ If I passed by a body of water and saw
Your reflection in it, I would stay till I
Withered away and echo into a wild golden and
Pale daffodil”

The formatting at the end took me out of your writing’s spell a little bit but thats an easy fix.
Really lovely work.

Posted 1 Year Ago

There is beauty and power in your words. You know your mythology for sure. It is a wonder that you go from Adam and Eve to Myths? Unless you consider it all the same?
I enjoyed how you painted the woman in this piece with honor and regard. This piece is very creative. Of course that just flows out of you. There is a value in your depth. I am sure many have it but those of us who do sometimes find it hard to find another to match it. I enjoy how you express yourself. This piece like all the others. Does so beautifully. You must have typed it on your phone for the format. I am guessing. It is a bit distracting to me in the way of it felt increasingly overwhelming to my visual senses. I enjoyed how the family tree also may reference the garden of eden? Or maybe just made me think of it? Trying to bring together both worlds?? It leaves me a reader guessing. Not sure that is your intent.
But I enjoyed the journey! It has been years since Ive read you and it makes me want to read more! Always a pleasure stopping by.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I find it a little odd that you wrote this piece to start with thoughts along the lines of God and the Bible and then you transfer it onto the piles of Greek myths. I like Greek myths a lot, I just dislike the disconnect there. Not to say that it takes much away, the poetic message is no less valid. However, if you had stayed with one or the other the whole way through, it would feel more together. Also, I think you should separate out the last paragraph into lines, it got a little thick there and I was like Whoa... Just my thought.
On the better side of things, I quite like the formality of the speech used in the piece as it makes the piece more dramatic. Also, I like that the drama of the speech helped to convey the intensity of feelings being expressed.

Posted 3 Years Ago

This poem is strength at its finest. As I was reading I could hear it being read if that makes sense. Such a stunning poem.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I liked the flow and thoughtfulness of this one... and I liked where it took me.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Your work was a truly literary feast. I love it!

Posted 4 Years Ago

woah! such a strong, ferocious voice ... gone well beyond tempting the fight ... taking on the "greater power" in full light ... bearer of seed or no .. a dangerous choice says i! ;) great story telling .. love the mythology .. and absolutely salute your heroine in such profound courage ... hope that all works out for her ... will you do a followup?? :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

This was so beautiful to read and the heavy use of allusion at the end really helped tie together a well written poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Very beautiful imagery. I see it as stepping into one’s Divine Feminine energy and really embracing all that makes us who we are rather than beating ourselves down with self-defeating thoughts.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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