Dead Tree (Gallows)

Dead Tree (Gallows)

A Poem by R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Another string of rhymes constructed into a poem. Enjoy!


Morbid destroyer of oil-rig illiteracy glistening off the hypnotic rhyme of the railroads kaleidoscope utopia groping the supple sarcophagus off the monoliths obituaries written in Sanskrit hieroglyphics depicting the eclipsing ellipsis relapsing into castaways at the shore of Ouroboros potent with the spoken serpent of oceans immortal Chronos chronicling the dominatrix as if pugilist’s insurgency eternally murmured through the furniture of bristling omniscient homunculus unversed by the curvature of that blade that cuts through the haze bedazzled by the travesty of Valkyries devoured by cannibal diablos battle-born from morning-stars that dishonour the bondage of a martyr’s apartheid climatized to the leviathan called Worldender bending in the Hallucinogenic entrails of ancestries kleptomaniac lycanthropy deafening in the hum of Armageddons sentinel, a revenant of avalanches dancing with enchantress Maleficent to the indifference glistening on the blood consumption of umbra’s homunculus summoned to the gallows of hallelujah’s balconied melancholy hill, diabolical Holocaust at the crossroads of hope and despair, clairvoyant to the blind arrogant voiceless coursing through veins of destiny’s renaissance calming god’s abominations of resurrecting pestilence of demiurge purgatory aurora borealis crowning the malice malignant disfigured by the ventriloquist’s insignia invigorating patterned like a cataclysm on the star-shattered cadavers metallic clavicle baptized by enraptured puppet-masters gladiators mavericks with the havoc of disaster saddled on the sacrilegious battlefields of their backs like a Lazarus pit that reawakens aetherium reavers that retreaded every memory disassembled by the dimlit darkness of their lives that shivers in disguise of satellite righteousness synthesized calm the mind’s shadow and the souls silver and the heartless malachite that climbs the cypress of the deadman’s scythe revivified the heartbeats night, the enticed vipers blight enlightened by silence, brought back to lightning’s violet iris, undeciphered petrified blight capsized in the vampiric acolytes mitochondrial insomnia, of honour bound concubine constellations

© 2019 R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Author's Note

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
I very seldom reply to reviews, but I promise I read EVERY single one. I look forward to my next review, because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be ecstatic to have the chance to hear what you have to say. Whenever you write something about my poems, or the themes of my poems, or criticize me it is not in vain. I will listen, learn and be thankful.

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Added on August 11, 2019
Last Updated on August 11, 2019
Tags: dead, tree, gallows


R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Burlington, Halton, Canada

For those who wonder why I have a silly username, I've been using this name because I find it funny. Potatoes are never really that sinister. The e on the end of potato is because I'm a potato with to.. more..