The Record Man

The Record Man

A Poem by R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Heavily edited this poem. I realized as I was doing so, I had deleted some lines along the way. So I remade them and did my best to make the poem as best I could. I hope you enjoy.


The Record Man








Gloomy zoos of music (grooving immovable) incongruent hubris pituitary petunias


Luminous altocumulus in hallucinogenic neogenesis penitentiaries poinsettia


Blooming ludicrous ambiguity of cerulean memorabilia


Rolling oilrigs of glazed champagne


Stain waves and graze on the St. Lawrence River this Monday


Drowning albums amalgam flower galleries of a cloudy hourglass


The braille slate of a conclave of waves


Batters the shores on a Monday’s thunder


The rippling Icarus of rivers ribbon rhythm of riveting equilibrium incendiary


Slithering quivers of arrowheads drop-dead needle and thread


In the gospel gun cocked bloodshot wedlock of a red dock’s misanthropic prophet doppelgangers


Centrifugal whistling off in the distance of a tongue twister’s chrysalis


(Vinyl spiralling lullaby chiropractor acupuncture pincushion whisperers of lithium Icarus)


Feathered heavens Armageddon


Mayflower hourglasses pastures of ecclesiastical blasphemy


Of ashen basket-cases cremated


Tie-dyed skylines iris maestri’s skyscrapers halo sailing lackadaisical napalm azaleas


Digital ribbons of rhythms’ deliverance


Nibbling on the dribble of my chiselled balls


Rivers forgiveness riddle swimming scimitars of equilibrium


Mitochondrial dominos swallowing columns of graffitied Elysium


Acrylic Gilgamesh a maleficent edifice


Scribbled biblical sprawling pornography


Pushing the envelope of blackmail


Post mortem death letters that spell out the message of desiccation


Respiratory encores (reincarnate) choreography


Boggle and gargle discombobulate quasi-obelisks collaging


In the bottomless concrete of agoraphobia


Cyclothymic kaleidoscopes lullaby horizons’ geysers of Gaia


Wavy halos hazel mosaic in twilight birthrights


Volumes of columns solace Autumnal hymnals of silicon oblivion


Disheveled peddles of eloquent eulogies rebellion


Lovecraftian cardiovascular Nazareth blasphemy sloppy sarcophagi with rashes of Vaseline


As we carrousel down to hell


And pirouette in this masquerade of God ballin’ our eyes out


Looking good as we follow each other blindly


For what a sight to see things through


Different viewpoints cross eyes with each other and look the other way


Closing the window to their souls


Andromeda’s of blinking neon eons, pupils of a mad world flower like an iris


Fumbling around in the dark of their daydreams


Hoping to metamorphosize a visionary


Smouldering Morningstars of meteoric corneas


A parasol’s burial as the clouds that shroud balaclava hallelujah


Bloom in the grease of Elysium’s leukemia






Ricocheting light of quivering stygian obsidian


Theatrical carnivals mandala of neon eons


Camouflaging collages tsunamis toboggan constellations








Unfurling twirling whirlwind hurricane Dervish in circumcision


Discombobulated discography staccato menagerie of bottomless onomatopoeia


Arpeggios hemorrhage the hallucinogenic genesis


Alabaster cardiovascular astronomers ensemble


Sonder melodic in umbilical trilogy


Trilling ribbons ventriloquism speleothems


Electroconvulsive penultimate kaleidoscopic cocktails of clockwork


Mirages of goobledegook entourages


Of onyx frolicking discombobulated


A primordial vortex of Gregorian Morningstar’s orchestra orbiting distorted corneas


Formlessness oracles metamorphosis waterboarding expurgatorius accordions


People who cry wolf when they’re all sheep


I will not be the lamb to the slaughter


In this slaughterhouse


Where different Gods street fight to the death


For a divided crowd to the roar of lions and hydra in the subway


This slaughterhouse


The stumbling jugular homunculus of sunburned bungalows oracle


The rape of landscapes bathed faithlessly in the face of oasis wearing masks of alabaster


Where dreams reach towards the stars


Just to hang their heads a weeping willow


Wisp of broken streetlights


The syringe of religions’ prisms imprisoned


Iron xylophones spires of dial-up kaleidoscopes


(Synthesizing) Vinyl telephone lines spiralling recital


In the cytoplasmic lavender avenue balaclavas


Unravelling Valhallas’ ballerinas


Cloudy gallows’ hallelujah in an hourglass’s meteors mashed


Wyvern’s with metronome hearts that don’t skip a beat


Flash photos and capture a moment in time in the bottom of a broken glass bottle


Discombobulated mosaics radio auburn andromeda’s astronomers


Ashtrays spilling the guts from the clutter of smothered butterflies


A resurrecting lexicon of a specular sepulchre


The ticking clock-faces on the wall screaming in agony,


Portraits of their time,


Aria to Death








Hollow Notes




I’ve painted over the iron walls of my heart


The chips of peeling wallpaper


The liquored bristles of wicker Icarus




Your fingertips


Like the keys of the clarinet


Under the balcony of skin


I watch the sleeves of sun on pillow clouds


Glistening on white sheets


Come up out of the cornered creviced covers of a mattress of sky


Crepuscular eyes upon a blood-wine horizon


Draw the borderlines out of a dirty needles’ cathedral surreal speleothems


Nestled in


Skipping in and out of bounds


The outside world of this cardboard box


A world of pitter-pattering war-cries


Of watercolour crescendos enkindled spirits


Smoking their blackened tree limbs


Smearing through in their palms are oceans of fire


The ashtrays of a chalkboard


God burning books without (saying) a word


Screeching for warmth in the cold winds of a winter sun


A pavilion of their boney souls’ cymbals of limbos riddling incubus


Suffocating lustrous rusting the embers of their hearts of coal


In the wasteland of black


A white void of foliage their foiling bones


Spindling spiralling in the winds of intimacy


Cold and unafraid to huddle together and shiver in the rivers of vesicular destiny


Washing clean the stain from the fabric of histories they had written


Wishing to wipe away the graffiti of their birthmarks


Branded steel with a name


The blade of a rusty humanity


(Battling wave after wave of a hungry moon drowning itself dry as a bloodshot eye)


Still sharpening itself against itself


Its heart wasn’t cut out for this


There is more than being human


Severing the ties (entangled) between us


Shield your eyes from those that look daggers at the turn of your back


The hilt and sheath and shield of their own loss, unwieldy


Forging them again, and, once more in the heat of the moment, their dispassion


Brighter than the shooting stars that drive-by on the milky way


Hammering the steel hearts of man until brighter than a Morningstar


Shimmering infinity’s limbo kindling obsidian luminous plumerias


Plumage thunderous underworlds swirling


Relapsing alabaster craftsmanship


In a world of merely black and white


The monochrome forests of war storm


Jagged grey glint of empty iron plate


The teeth of the devil smiling flowers on the battlefield


Deep-rooted in the throat of the riverbeds


Arrowheads of trees, splintered people




The crows still fly


Circling mercury


Hungry for warmth


In the spreading sandy hangman’s banquet


The alabaster molasses of ashes clatter with castaways rasping in blasphemy


Madnesses avalanche dancing chrysanthemum banners


Of bleeding sooty woods where once amaranths stood








Scales of ice gale halos


Chiselled acrylic ribbons ventriloquism rippling serendipitous centrifugal


Creasing the reefs of Elysium like a tattered flag


Rattling water lanterns floating kaleidoscopes


In the opium ragtag zigzag anchored Pythagorean of Abaddon


Origami soggy tsunamis waterboarding corneas


Blossoming crisscrossed andromedas forever heavens resonate


Lips chrysalis hickeys


Anguish the strangling bangles of language prancing chrysanthemum


Iridescent decibels crescendo the alphabetical pendulum swinging to the jazz of avalanches


Wrinkled incubus sip the nectar of Nephilim


And try to write the best (resurrections) of imperfections




Noise Symphony




Hell’s final symphony




Hanging from the guitar strings


Like a suicide note from an empty bar


Hollow and lonely without death


The vowels of hallelujah


The moon almost disappearing


Or coming back into focus in the fulcrum of oaks and smoky tuberculosis


In the blur of the neon slurry


A metallurgical hurricane of hearts stained opaque




Raining Third Eyes




The darkness of the arching marquee of fortepiano shadows embracing cadence


Burning in the name of God


Recirculatory mercury shirking hurricanes of psychosis osmosis


Emeralds diminuendo


In my respiratory corneas


Wings of windshield whippers bones and manmade canvas fly


The canyon of my shackled mind


Cutting deeper than the flesh




Mouth The Words




Chewing through aluminum


Acoustic lucid booms rejuvenated pseudonyms transfusing ludicrous


Rakshasa velociraptors of aqua sub-nautical discombobulated clockwork


Hypotonic diabolical hypnotic arachnids blossoming


From the faucet of holocaustic octaviates


Electroconvulsive mitochondrial volumes


Of polymerization pollinating creation


Expurgatorius corneas of bottomless mantras auburn chorography


Flower petal ghettos dishevelled albums bellow cerebellums


Alabaster caskets lacerating vaccinations of havens rainbow


Consanguineous ambiance intransigent transient transcendental emptiness


(Umbra) Sahara’s discombobulated mantras somersaulting audio


Unadulterated faltering tumultuous origami smile-lines


Divide the divine like a bent spine


Head over heels bending over backwards into the spirals


Of a Goliath xylophone of silent spires, mile-high choirs


Frolicking Neapolitan molecules rhythm of trivialism


Fool’s gold, varicose baritones of a seraph’s throne




Record Man




I am the record man


Screaming melancholia


(Of frolicking andromedas mitochondrial discombobulated polymerization)


God of you origami dominos


You play to the tune of my starry guitar


I pull the strings and the dead dance with necromancers amputated by Salem


(Stretching as far as the eye can see)


I am the maestro


Gangrene hangmen


(Keeper of bottomless diabolical knowledge)


I orchestrated you, squeaking unhinged door to a wine cellar heart (sanguine)


I am your solitary confinement


I am the godlike silence


I am the empty shade of violet


Bleeding colours from your leaking heart


Weeping onomatopoeia terpsichorean halos of Galileo’s ukuleles


I was so cold


I held my tombstone until death


Head over heels


Of photoshoot reeling in the feelings of the immaterial


Infernal eternities bleeding four seasons homogeneous


Of terpsichorean Elysium serpentine double helixes graffiti


Blooming as a lost rose in the maze of graves


The labyrinth of a cadaverous avalanche


Find your own ideal best;


And watch others take it from you as if your ideals don’t take from others


Watch someone judge your ideals with how they set theirs


Watch blind people see


While those who can


Pretend to view as they look the other way


Ghettos of alphabetical amarettos diminuendo


So tilted I’m off-kilter


Whispering polycrystalline


Vagarious wisteria parachute like wooden flutes waltzing fault lines pulchritudinous




Advice From a Fellow Fool




Subterranean mosaics of alabaster Cleopatras cascading polymerization


Pumped up on cardiovascular gasoline burning out like a match


In the Rorschach’s metamorphosis


In the cracks of the pavement


Lies a fallen rider of wilting Milky Ways of jade rumple stilt skin


It does not matter how


But I know the winter solstice like the imprint of my thumb


The nails in the criss-cross-roads of fingers that walk bending


Under the curls of the dishevelled umbrellas evangelical nebulas mandala in the wind


Words that blossom from my bulbous corpse like a waterfall through every follicle


Or a ceramic lantern of opaque light


Serpentine spiralling out of control


Like a loose canon for a fictitious world


Revolving around a bullet sun’s shell


Rolling around the ball of my foot


Stuck in the door to heaven


Where someone who lost their marbles


Tumbleweed’ing in the fields of waving neon rays of light


Casting shadows in the ghettos of metallurgy


Forged new bonds to shackle the mind


And cage the beast of a red river drowning in spit


And wandering mitochondria floundering albums of malfeasance


As we cradle barcode labelled oasis to shape-shift awakening and finally become free


Wandering anacondas of omniscient godlessness


Hazy tornado mosaics azalea ukulele maelstroms of skyscraper basements


Bombarding melodic insomnia


In the bottomless Autumn brush of dusty star-spangled canvases


Rust of avenues escarpments of apartments and infinite condominiums


Of lucid crucibles transfusion illusive wandering eyes, I find


Porcelain corneas that vortex in the post mortem smorgasbord


God’s word is not a good meal


It is an empty plate


An endless escape


A parachute for those that fall from grace


Climbing over each other


Like all the music in the world were a broken record


Screaming for a second chance like we’re Deaf


Tangled in his own chords


Hungry for forked tongues


Asking to be part of the music again




Existing Is




The jinn of my broken wings


Stroking locust’s limbs of


Dorsal fins hymns metamorphosis


Rorschach orchards contortionist


Formless bliss of the orphan’s kiss


The mythological gobbledegook


Of frolicking halogens diabolical Holocausts


Dropping shotgun shells


Of an empty heaven’s bells


The Kalpa of outcast shrapnel


Clapping the thunderclouds of a tundra’s yell to back down








Trapped in-between


The bloodlines of a cerebral double-helix


Rhyme and reason


Glisten with the felt-tipped Icarus


Trickling chrysalis of terpsichorean phoenixes  


Legions of demons dreaming remix bulimic


Shot down the balaclava of Lazarus


Cardiovascular astronauts rasping


Asterisks of cytoplasmic bliss


Megalomanic amphitheatres spangle annuls


The bangles of wrangling archangels lazulite satellites


Claustrophobic egg yolk smouldering oracles tomorrows’ primordials


Euphoria organisms of prisms ringing


Incorporated endorphins metaphorical morsels (rhythm)


Of morse code custodians (risen)


Babylonian loners (schism colloquialism)


Kryptonian explosions of motionless dystopian oceans


Fulcrum of Mediterranean reindeers


Chained in the escapades of chaos blossoming crisscrossing offspring


From the faucet of a broken nose


Comatose locomotives doped up on colonial chthonians


Of baritone oracles born from primordial


Of disorientated heavens


Resonating creation crusading aether


Capper the wavelength of dancers


Amaranthine chrysanthemum lanterns


Of rambling animus stratospheres catalyst of spiritual delirium


Of vicarious heretics in the celestial vessels of evanescence


Peasants of resonance renaissance


Demiurge vertical eternities from the burgundy urns


Of the folding purgatory of old words


Emerges the chords of a tangled aurora borealis


Valkyries’ palace of hourglass mountains


Welcoming balconies falcons’ breeze


The alchemy of seven seas cemetery


The celestial extraterrestrial chemicals belladonna obelisks


Infection of the molested pestilence


Beckoning resurrection’s chi


An endless dream bending hallucinogenic


Rending in the emptiness




 Falling apart in discombobulated choreography


At the seams


As we grasp the stream


In the glassy gleam


Of the (cardiovascular) aster’s cream




Wilted Bloom




Breaking through the walls of a cholera gobbledegook cauliflower holocaust


Orchestras of metamorphosis


Infinitely labyrinthine symphonies grace my deaf ears


Ceremonious baritones of vicarious harikari territory scorn aurora borealis


Metatarsal architects follow in the footsteps of the Gone


Left to fester in questions


(And my answer is a weapon)




Mediterranean halos radio maelstroms of golden osmosis claustrophobic rodeos dawn


Blurring eternities hernia, the burdens of vertigo’s yearning


Criminal records echo ringing in the ears of judgement


The riffing hieroglyphic ellipse written lyrics on impure veneers


Eclipse rending February’s of unending Armageddon hallucinogenic cemeteries


Blurting out alphabetical helicopter apostles agnostic velociraptors copulate


Ascending pendulums of elysian phoenixes


Reject mediums of the terpsichorean freedom


Sacrilege dilapidated Rorschach plastered tapestries


Asters evaporate in the downpour orange metaphorical oracles


Rhapsody ecclesiastically in primordially disoriented penitentiaries


Rudimentarily blending heavenly memories in the plastic relapse captivated ejaculation


Frazzled alabaster saffron gondolas swansong’ing anaconda monoliths


With obsidian wings skinning the guillotine’s symphony


Constellations discombobulated abominations pondering onyx mitochondrial onomatopoeia


Transcendental peninsulas frolicked in the knowledgeless God(dess)


Anachronistic polycrystalline riffing ventriloquist’s umbilical basilica


The trilling waterlilies willow tree vermilion capillaries Alchemilla




(As lilac asylums kaleidoscope fields of white psychosis)


Off the record of tuning (the broken guitar of) my sound of mind


My chords ensemble (de)composition


To be part of the music


A violin of fireflies


The chaos of a bent note strangling itself in strings, metal, and wood


Setting the record straight, playing with the notes until they spindle into being


A spiral of noise, a tangled sound, (a spider) unravelling (tarantulas in) its web (a noose)


Provocative octaves crinkled inkblot slipknots of opera’s esophagus


Tongue-tied with the throat of a rose


In love with the thorns


To belt out a scream from the mouth of God


From the empty lungs of the earth


Babbling labyrinthine atoms of ancestors wrestling in the vestibule epitomes


An instrument of silent existence


In the symphony of chaos


Wearing masks of alabaster


Rorschach alstroemerias


The slumbering thunder drumming away in the coming shade






The wilted bloom of a wildflower


Its petals


Softer than Death


It’s roots


Deeper than Hell


Its bloom


Grasping at the fingers of heaven






Chained (t)here


Hanging its heavy head


In shame




Dropping plates


To an empty ghetto of tempo(’s parabellum)


Picking up the pieces


As we fall between the cracks


(Between/Like) the lines on a (poem/page)


With a split lip and no teeth


Smiling, (still)


© 2021 R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Author's Note

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
Another long poem. This one took quite some time, I kept coming up with great lines, and some short bits of poetry. Over time, it became a poem. I had trouble starting it off, so it took 2-3 weeks.

I promise I read every single review, and I generally will reply to them. I look forward to my next review, because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be happy to hear anything you feel needs sharing. Whenever you write on my shortcomings or breakthroughs, or the themes of my poems, or share ideas and friendly criticism, it decides my next poem to an extent. I will listen, learn and be thankful. And 99% of the time, you'll get a reply unless you're trolling me.

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I enoyed this long write. You should publish your work for others to enjoy

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Good luck.
R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

4 Months Ago

Thank you, I'll do my best

4 Months Ago

You are welcome. Please check my newest writing
still catching my breath. i need an alka seltzer after reading you to help me digest the literary smorgasbord. i've swum in the st. lawrence river. my aunt lived near its banks. huge ships travel it. it's quite polluted. your usual plethora of words, phrases and unusual imagery. love the title and musical references buried within. fantastic accompanying pics. you're in a realm of your own. bravo ... :)

Posted 6 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

6 Months Ago

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the poem! I haven't swam on it, but I always love the view as I go by wh.. read more

6 Months Ago

my mother is from quebec and my uncle (her brother) lived in ontario ... :)
this was great! thanks for putting it in my read requests!!!!!

Posted 7 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

7 Months Ago

And thank you for reading! :)
very creative piece my friend

Posted 7 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

7 Months Ago

Thank you! :)

7 Months Ago

you`re welcome
This is epic with many bunches of grapes on the tree of poetry and i was admiring as many lines as i could read, your phrasings undeniably artistically creative. Those that blew my mind were the andromeda stanza, spider unravelling web, agnostic velociraptors woahh, Mediterranean halos, hallucinogenic dreams, saharas mantras, i love using the word mantras in my writs and how you said tongue twister's chrysalis.
You could write books of poetry wow!!

Plz do read and comment my newest poem too.

Posted 7 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

7 Months Ago

I'm glad I could share this with you. I'll check it out your new poem soon! Thank you! :)
So this could be a chapbook in itself! as usual, I am awestruck at the intensity of your writings I don't even know what to call them sort of thought flow or sort of imagery and thought flow I always seem to have a hard time following your threads or are they supposed to be like that independent snapshots of thought

Posted 7 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

7 Months Ago

It's like abstract art really, in word form. You see what you want to see. There is meaning here, bu.. read more

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R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Burlington, Halton, Canada

Most of my poems can be differing lengths depending on the time you want to spend reading them. You can avoid reading anything brackets, or read it all. If you want an in-between, you can read only th.. more..


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