A Poem by R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Based around the underworld in Greek mythology, as well as several religions. Some Norse in there too. All about music. 12 parts. Take your time. Enjoy. The section "Cornocopia" is optional.





Interwoven ambrosia enclosures (accordion)


Cluttered underworlds fluttering butterflies of the four-leaf clover


Porcelain incorporeal phantasmagorical poltergeists


Oracles of forests furled in twirling sterling chlorophyll


Muddled jars of honeyed stars flustered behind rusted nothing’s bars


Rustic combustion honeysuckle succubae open wide the scarlet skyline of grapevines


A candle’s flame chrysanthemum lampposts


 Branding me an amaranthine shadow man


Neapolitan philosophy of gouache clockwork doppelganger sarcophagus


The blossoming offspring of the lost esophagus toppling helicopters


Lopsided horizons of violins scrying skyline bibles of violet isolation


Riving diamonds of the dying lilac twilight


Goliaths’ spiralling diaphragms


Stalagmites choirs and stalactites bonfires


Grasping elastic hermaphrodites of the daylight


The double helix of sulphuric terpsichorean speleothems’ pirouette (mirroring death)


Veneers of grinding gears ethereal Helios


Bending transcendent tendrils clementine’s of hallucinogenic bedtime rhymes


Spidering horizons and goliaths of dinosaurs


Dreaming Elysium


A Prometheus of greased phoenixes


Swivelling cerulean silicon capillaries umbilical windmill guillotines


The gears of the broken heart still ticking


Ricocheting licorice obituaries wraiths of laced urns and broken vase


Tangling dandelions intertwine in the silent riot of lilac


The fate of lacquer homo sapiens


Acrylic guillotines within these aphrodisiac ecclesiastical catastrophes


Of blasphemous dilapidated tapestries Rorschach’s of stained-glass passageways


Grey with age everglades hurricane serpentine


Hazing Himalayan séance mazes in the chaos of aeons


Bodies becoming one shattered whole


Swallowed tongues under the light of a dead sun


Gallows in the bowels of Valhalla’s shallows


Cardiovascular astronauts of rapture sasquatches of Baphomet’s Saskatchewan


Discombobulated ultimatums pulsating ulcers of blossoming phosphorous


Of abstract vaccination decompartmentalizing enterprises


Wyverns of cyanide leviathans


Sunrises denying the horizon rippling in the distance like Nyx on quicksand


Bipedal hyena’s cartilage architects beckoning the sepulchres of Nephilim resurrection


Tartarus’ arteries of artisans imparting martyrs of tectonic guardians of heartlessness


Wearing the bones of pandemonium’s Symphonia


Frolicking bottomless ominous candelabra andromedas


Columns automaton rollicking diabolical in symbiotic decomposition


Vultures of altruism halogens polymerizing the Claymation creation


Ethereal Mephistophelian speleothems


Graffiti murals immaterial in your delirious earholes


Altocumulus Didgeridoo prisms photosynthesis scimitar


Harvest barnyards of Morningstar corneas parabola corridors meritorious


Eucalyptus polycrystalline eclipse existence cliffs of lithium Mephisto


Limitless cryptic broken-winged figures astigmatism


My bones graze on the marrow of halos


Babbling shadowed catacombs unravelled


Dabbling pianos of labyrinths schadenfreude


Staccato of macabre candelabra bobbling apostles of crossroads


Fauna of onyx andromeda on the Milky Way


On the watercolour umbra of a blue sky’s maleficent crescent


Sleeping under tundral sundial homunculi


Thunderstruck covers over lost fields of forgotten names littered in the streets


Carved into the back of a maple tree


Like ink on a page


Stapled in the graffiti of a meteor


Wishing on fallen stars that crash parties


Speeding on highways drunk on their high spirits while I lie low


As they continue tumbling their way home from heavens


To skyscrapers that scratched records like an itch


That scraped the concrete from my skin like a cat’s tongue


Left a wound in my broken glass heart that bleeds out all the colours of a nightclub


In a prison between the bars of a drunk city at the bottom of a beer bottle


Like the last weapon of their questions


Within of the alphabetical cervices scrap metal edifice of a rusted Armageddon


Bones drumming voluptuous on crepuscular zeppelins echoing molecular hecatomb


Sundried tomatoes on blotched skin


Stretched over the face of the earth


The candelabra of volumes’ macabre convulsions electroconvulsive


A tumultuous penultimate among the asphalt sculptures engulfed in nocturne


Of discombobulated polymers through the brothels of their follicles


Inquisitions proliferate and ricochet away


Valkyrie scalpels of Babylonian chromosomes roaming utopian


Bloating out the sun in the grizzled gizzard of rivers of ink


Esoteric gregarious fairy tales of alstroemerias carrion


Obsidian rhythms of stygian gibberish flickering wicker men of equilibrium


The copse of kaleidoscopes in the clearings of my eardrums


The child of a night sky


Bursting, blossoming under the skin of symphony


Cardiovascular tapestries shackles crowning asphodel’s valves


Asters scaffolding shrapnel ecclesiastical daffodils delve


In the paths of a match lit Rorschach rapture


Castaways fastened of basilisks Lazarus alabaster


Lovecraftian baptisms of shrapnel capsized horizons


Sleepy wreaths of Lethe upon the reefs of Prometheus weaving Elysium


Transcendental meadows of bedrock crescendo endlessly to a bent-out tempo


Nocturne mockingbirds flock to dreadlock Cocytus docking to the gauche of clockwork


Spanning megalomanic primordial borderlands


Ravaged by the lavender sands of abandoned scabbards avalanching sandstorms


The remorseless forces of orchids contortionist a porcelain orphanage


Rough clouds ballet, renegade waves of the page, and the trickling stream of light


Through the cracks in the doorframe, the hallway of polymerization


A prism of rivers guillotine frilly umbilical lilies of frizzled syllables scribbled in gibberish


Schizophrenic satellites of stalactites and stalagmites


The writing on the wall written in serendipitous blood chaining my shadow to the ground


The cardboard box under a sea of concrete daydreams


Leaning on the shoulders of crying horizons


Painted lacquered teardrops discombobulate in hatred


Of apocrypha gouache a crepuscular pestilence


Desolates in every crevices’ heavenly nebula


The chattering cattle of this abandoned labyrinth


Tending to the plot in a cemetery of ghostwriters


A marigold concerto of buried emotions


Growing ripe fruit on the vine of rotten lives


Vorpal veins hear my name and ink stains the sane men


Ricocheting everglades of auburn marmalade


The light of butterfly leviathan’s kaleidoscope into unspoken doors of folklore


Corkscrew unicorns, thorns without flowers, sent off to battle


Caves of translucent pugilists riving poltergeist in roomy altocumulus


I can hear you screaming on the other end


But have no way to reach you


No path to walk but my own


We cannot stray from God


And live on the once crowded crow street like a blind dog




I function as a homunculus


Lost in the (philosophical/philosophy) offering of doppelgangers


  The phosphorous gospel of my glass jar


Peering through the windows in the house of God


Bodies soldering primordial accordions


In the pottery guardians’ farmers of our harbour’s arsenic


Bottomless August winds of bottled halogens spindling whimsical linden infinities


Scintillating incendiary clarinets of buried fairy-tales


Frolicking tonics of reincarnation discombobulated monikers


Monoliths of psionic karmas artisans of Darwinism


My limbs that schism and stretch restlessly dressing incandescence into fingertips


Eclipse the mouth of midnight’s scratched lips


Screaming speleothems from the yodelling cloverleaf


From the Promethean ingredients of a double helix


Reading anemic diseases of creased white-bleached legionaries


Clouded ballerinas feeding crematoriums of aurora borealis


Bangled flannelled Magdalene entangled angels camouflaged by andromedas


Of solitude’s collages of August’s candelabra opera gelatinous mockingbirds


Mitochondria discombobulated sabotaged star-spangled hangmen


Unravelling the megalomanic amethyst fabric


The taverns of Babylon’s straddling zigzagging labyrinths


Disembark into the rebellion of parhelion of a meadow’s crescendo


Dwelling within the Cinderella bellies of skeletons velvet belladonna conduits


Bonnets and bouquets of yesterday’s maelstroms


Sailing in subterranean bales of Halliana ukuleles


Blessing decibels hexes of perplexed ecstasy in amber diaphragms


Xylophones of diaphragmatic labyrinths of static Avalon


Gregorian forestlands corridors accordions primordial


Juniper altocumulus translucency’s noose lunacies uterus pulchritudinous hallucinogens


Twisters ricochet licorice bouquets masquerade mosaics of crocheted vertebrae


Spurring on eternity gurgling serpentine quadriplegic cathedrals


Immaterial hemophilia bleeding seasons of dreamland Elysium


Finding asylums unwinding skylines flatlining livewires spiralling kaleidoscopes


Shambling meandering dandelions yodelling chthonian comatose pandemonium


Crawling polycrystalline pistol-whipped Icarus


Abyssal whisperers of eclipsing chrysalis


Monolithic instruments carved from harlequin hands


And femurs bulimic in chrysanthemum canopies amaranthine


Branding matadors of the vorpal horoscope


Orphaned corpses cyborgs of orgies smorgasbord in the foliage of oracles metamorphosis


Frolicking cosmopolitan exalted ultimatums of Hades


Elongated embouchures of the harbingers’ mitochondria


Mandalas of eldritch balaclavas smelting the welterweight weltering belladonna


Steampunk penumbras of bungalows


Mosaics of Himalayan daisies


That smother the watercolour suburbs of thunderbirds’ underworlds


Of unfurling sterling silver mildewed petunias of juniper uterus


Spindling figures of withering amygdala fingertip kiss the lips of the abyss


Stygian figurines oblivions’ splitting trees


Fingerprints deciduous riverbeds water-treading bedrock blossoming Cocytus


Centrifugal equilibrium’s defibrillator


Mayflower hourglass playgrounds of ash


Pallets scattered shattered shadows of the mirror


Peering through ceilings of lacquered murals


Of spiritual heretics’ earlobes of claustrophobia’s pandemonium


Crepuscular zeppelin’s sepulchre deathless of Bethlehem’s nectar trifecta vasectomy


Lighthouse elegies celebrate the break of dawn


Terpsichorean beacons in the seas of Elysium


Speleothems of heaven’s pestilential entrails


Trailblazing bailing nailed halos of azaleas


Icarus a shapeshifting chrysalis


Drowning in the sun


Blood and Flesh


Pollen’s choreography in discombobulated polymerization


The frivolous chivalry of umbilical guillotines’ polygamy


Capillaries of amaryllis villages windmilling chiselled acrylics


In the beating heart of a Nephilim


Is my metronome


Unwinding spines of lilac hymen’s flowers blooming into jubilance


In the orgy of metamorphosis


Metallurgy patterns scatterbrained


Labyrinths babbling balaclavas of onomatopoeia


Swirling like a leaf in a hurricane


Pianos unravelling Babylon’s shadowlands


Banners of adamantine canvas scavengers of patterned lavender


Sandpapered oasis lacquered helix


Of spirits twisters of cisterns in labyrinthine symphonies tornadoes railroad


To the resonance of heavens


Harps of heartstrings


Spines of saxophones


A xylophone of ribs


Skin stretched tight over the drum of a stomach


An instrument of beauty and destruction and dilapidated aspirations


Homogeneous amphitheatres among scattered beer-battered avenues


Lanterns of amaranthine banquets dancing anchored billowing vermillion


To prairies of alstroemerias caricatures


Concertos of marigold pheromones


To the black sun and the scarecrows


To summer-eyes


(Can you see eye to eye with those who look blindly,)


(And still aim?)


(Or will you see everything)


(And look the other way)


Deadman’s Dream


I’m tired of the back and forth of my patchwork heart


The ticking of the clock in my ribs


The itch inside my bloated skull


Prairies of buried blackberry marionettes strewn and thrown away under graves


Pastures cardiovascular blasphemous castaway astronauts


Incendiary linden trees chariots chasing the faceless oasis


Transparent marionettes forgetting their weatherbeaten hemorrhages


Ghettos’ umbrellas bellowing melodies of flower petals


Constellations gracelessly engraved in the pavement and asphalt


Like a graveyard of colours in a black and white world


Monochrome lone wolves and telephone poles


Spiralling high-rise skyline horizon the lopsided ichor of smiling violins


Frilly waterlilies ventriloquist abyss


Cartilage artisans’ arteries of Tartarus martyrdom


Shrapnel astronauts blossoming kaleidoscopic


Nocturnes of mockingbird clockwork


Wilderness trees of capillaries breeze


Schizophrenic evergreens


Plastic ecclesiastical afterimages


Evangelical parhelion


Devils of evangelization


Extraterrestrial effigies


Mitochondrial omniscience


Catholic rapture velociraptor Cleopatras


Lost laughter in the astral shrapnel




Inside me there is no space left


Even though my body may be hollow


Like a shadow


I cram books and poems through my open jar mouth


Until I am overflowing in what I have thrown away


This clockwork body


This ticking wicker of dry pages that once held wet tongues of ink


Now drier than the ground before rainfall


Waiting for a spark of inspiration


To burn bridges I never intended to cross


Churches I never intended to pray in


On their sky-scraped knees


To a God of negligence


Asking for forgiveness for a crime they never committed


The time passes away and wakes from the sleep of death


God watches as the world eats its (own) tail


And swallows itself


And still, you watch


And I burn


The music is still playing on the record machine


Crackling on a broken plate


Crawling on white faces and walls


My crooked smile


I laugh at death as he tells me the story of my life


Still playing on in my ears


Looping, repeating


Choking itself out




Until there is no smile left


There is no love for me


There is no love left for you


I can hear you scream silently


And it reminds me


Of my echo


You, shadow, of a man who found light


What sort of symphony do you hear?


The cacophony of a distorted metamorphosis of curdling words


People who tear you down to watch you build


People who build you to tear down your walls


People who cut into the skin until it folds in on itself


A tapestry, a mosaic for a beautiful God


Who does not love them


Who watches


As the world attempts suicide


And fails again


Tubes sticking out of crippled body


Tears stuck on their cheek


Kissed by the salty breeze


You couldn’t understand it


Or me


So you tried to pin me like a tact to the bulletin board


Among the papers you no longer read


And the pictures we shared, images, imaginings


Before our hearts were perforated


By hatred


For each other


Loving pain more than pleasure


I cannot meet your eyes


I am leaving


Going somewhere new




I don’t know


Maybe where the sunrise


Doesn’t make your shadow lengthen


Into me


And I can finally drift down this black river


Into the cold night


Of a city street


Ignored by those who would smear me


In the clutches of memories




Passing time


A metronome


To the sound


Of songs


I never got to sing




You never got to hear


Fading into me


Your old lover


A shadow


Fading to black


In a white-washed world


Of grey hands, hair, and clouds


Raining down


Blinking out the heavens


From the neon underworld of our eyes


Mind Village


Chiselled villages in the spindling wilderness willows wisp listening to


Guillotine fanfares of tangled labyrinths abracadabra


Labyrinths avalanche dancing in my hippocampus magnums of stratospheres


As the watercolours dissolve and bleed into one hourglass


Stretching through retinas of lexicon dominos blossoming polymers


Threading repetition through (altocumulus and) bespeckled sepulchres


Bottomless colosseums of frolicking gospels postulating pastels blossoming in hell


Abandoned cadaverous gospels of hospital mausoleums


Haunted empty bottle bodies that float among the clouds


Plastic bags of Saturn’s Ragnarök


The flock of Rorschach pastures


Blasphemously captivated by the dock of Apocrypha


Words leak from the damp pages of ribcages made to swim oblivion


Emblazoned medallions of palaces of Abaddon’s hourglass


Growing trees from the debris of a black sea


Oceans of psychosis egg yolks of crocheted graveyards


Stitched together scarecrows in a sea of green fields turning grey


Nothing growing from the soil


But polaroid pictures


And the words I haven’t written


On the edge of my abyss


Listener to the polycrystalline afterimages of licorice wickermen


That blemish in resonance of heavenless


Dancing hands of cancerous canvases


Mangled bits fistfuls of obituaries


Illiterate illustrious rustling of suffocating daisies


Boiling in the foliage on the shores of a midmorning’s cornea


Borderline blind to the third eye


Interconnected vasectomies


Wrestling with the vestiges of our tempestuous destines




In the foggy Shinigami tsunami of rambling analog


Folding origami fondling the hands of God


Discharging harbingers of uncharted arteries


Through the darkness disembarking paragons of sodomy


Blood and cartilage barking


Frostbitten canvas-back-bone in the arctic


Steampunk tundra mandalas anacondas of umbrage thundering summits


Of a blundering guttural underworld


Swirling vermillion centrifugal indigo crescendoing speleothems


Bending nebulous hallucinogenic unendingly


All the wrath in a basket of Baphomet’s pathogens


To take the last step


And come out of the (shadows’/beerbattered shadowlands’) labyrinth


(Or remain in the beer-battered shadows of Lazarus)




(Beating the darkness like a drum until the blood runs cold)


(And God hums along to the beaten skins of man)


(Stretched over each other, horny and)


(Hanging in the gallows of his hallway closet)


(A sex slave to angels)


(Watching from their phosphorus nocturne of clocktowers hourglasses)


(Pasteurized leviathans that smile on the quiet dawn)


(Wandering the fringe of obsidian blizzards)


(Glittering numidium/rubidium like human aluminum blooming from the tubes)


(Of fuming altocumulus entombed to this luminous universe)


(A hearth that is but a candle to a flame)




(Through the pipes of midnight’s scythe)


(Strewn across the city’s infinity)


(Like dolls tossed from the bedroom door)


(Crawling sprawled about the floor)


(In the empty house of God)


(All of them metronomes)


(Swaying séance to chaos)


 (The silence of music)


(Like a grandfather clock slowly raises its wrinkled hands)


(Conducting midnight’s symphony)




Hieroglyphic griffons eclipsing the abyssal apparitions of lithium gypsies


(Mahogany) Tobogganing andromeda collide


Transmogrified kaleidoscopes collage mandala


Into bottomlessness omniscience


Intuition’s crucifixion vomiting consciousness


Herculean Prometheus speleothems into


Discombobulated constellations


Monoliths of bottomless abyss


Amaryllis hills of familiars chiselling guillotine villas


Crimsoning Olympian christening chrysalis shapeshifting infinite


Deathless to the methods of incandescent leprosy


Metronome decibels through the effigy of an out of tune heart


Waiting for the beat to start


Winding itself into silence we dwell tolling tireless the bell


In barbed-wire we yell choirs of


Maniacal wyverns of a spiralling diaphragms’ hell


From the fire of our open mouth


The pyre of dialects


That now make no sound


Record Needle (Tattoos)


Record needle


Vinyl iris through the eyes of asylum


Stairway caricatures


Polycrystalline obsidian wings


Wilting unbiblical umbilical


Weeping willow wisps sister in a chrysalis


A hallway of tunnelling underworlds


Arches of harlequin Tartarus


Starlit starlings of barnyard bonnets  


Hysterical marigold caricatures


Painted in stained glass Salem’s of Norwegian murals


Staircases of oasis lacerating lacquered laced in facelessness discombobulated


Where heaven is an open door


And life is a child to you, (God)


Running down the stairway


The light pouring metamorphosis


Ethereal lyricists bleeding ceilings in eternity’s metallurgy


Mirroring sulphuric speleothems through the mausoleum of a double helix


Blossoming from the faucet of holocaustic Ragnarök


Terpsichorean fleecing Elysium graffitied misleadingly longing for wanderers


Phoenix breathing in the deep end of dreamland


Rambling pianos in the casket of a cardiovascular hourglass


Blasphemous atmospheres in the jasper masquerade


Of Lovecraftian ecclesiasticals


Lacquered pastures of brass unpracticed rapture plastered


In cerulean cathedrals yellowed like a cello’s cerebellum


Solo Cornucopia


(Celestial effigies wretched crepuscular vessels of maleficent entropy)


(Harmonic bulbous frolicking fauna of kaleidoscopic phosphorous candelabra)


(Shinigami astronomers bombarding arguing constellations)


(Stretching breakneck Nephilim sepulchres of autonomous andromeda)


(Holograms of mitochondrial monoliths)


(Lisping nicotine in blissful precipitation)


(Discombobulated margarita heathens and artisans of Tartarus)


(In the parchment of darkness written in the bark of archangels)


(Black ink marbling cartilaginous radio static attics)


(Abaddon nook and cranny avalanching rampaging pages of a halo’s grey)


(Of Blackmagic unravelling gravelled fabric stratospheres of arteries uncharted)


(In cellars to the bellowing interstellar belladonna)


(Decompartmentalizing horizons spiralling Gaia’s choir of kaleidoscopes)


(Doped on the Pythagorean magnum opus of cornucopias)


(Jagged patterns of abandoned avenues labyrinth-like stratospheres in a bangled hand)


(The arm arching camouflaging mitochondrial omniscience)


(Frolicking psalms in the sweating Armageddon palms of halogens calling to fallen andromeda)


(Gondolas of symbiotic holograms fragmented Avalon)


(Fingering the hymns of oblivion in my guitar heartstrings)


(Oceans in the ambrosia nosediving voices divine climbing ivory hillsides)


(Omnipotent hieroglyph lithium of flickering equilibrium)


(Violins of violet sign language)


(Billboards in God’s pores)


(Amalgams in the soundholes’ hyperbolic Catholicism like a gulf in my chest)


(The abyss beneath the breast)


(The gallows howling)


(To Valkyries who watch the breeze suffocate)


(In plastic bags)


(My heart is singing solo again)


(With your hands around my throat)


(My mouth)


(A hollow in the last gnarled fingers of a tree)


(Where once held a forest)


(On the tip of its forgotten tongue)


(Listening to itself breathe)


(Muffled by time)


(Pillows of smoke vermillion billowing in cerulean wilderness from chapped lips)


(Looking up at the squeegeed seagull’s tumbleweed)’ing


(Canvases of onomatopoeia)


(Graffitied by cartoonish altocumulus)


(As infinite symphonies of linden trees)


(Breathe in the skins of peninsulas)


(The symmetry of oblivion’s photosynthesis)


Ragnarok Phoenix Terpsichorean


Swept in coalescence a zephyr’s polyester evanescence


Of alabaster castles (rafters collapsing) in the flatlining sky


And rivers in the bangled sands of water lantern amaranths


Wrangling dandelions of salmon-ella


In smoky corneas born of you


Clouds in Halifax hatching like daffodils from turquoise foliage


Rolling primordials oil-spill from the alabaster plastic


Terpsichorean demons


Machiavellian palpitations balcony amaryllis basilicas


Eternity reverberating churning hernias in a concerto of vertigo


Hurricanes of frolicking dolls in hallways of polymerization


As the melodic staccato ovulating vibratos gelatinous apocalypse


In the phosphorus crossroads comatose oceans


In commotion of chromosomes tornadoes


Of the autumn winds’ bottomless constellations


Draconian pandemonium in a canopied canvas


Of amaranthine chrysanthemum


Molasses sandcastles pastel apples, daffodils


Saxophones waxing and waning azaleas


Tsunami origami clockwork docking to the mosh pit sarcophagus of obelisks


Stygian figurines calligraphy symmetry’s intimate photosynthesis


Rinsing obsidian in the whispering distance






Fluid cartoonish altocumulus


Flatlining satellites unravel light in a ballet’s scythe


Wallflower galleries of ballerina Valkyries


Opaque daisies lackadaisical mosaic of hazel azaleas


Feathered bedlam’s transcendent antennas


Crescendo placenta resonance edifice


Hallucinogenic Everest’s in the sepulchre of your retinas


Maple tree aether leaf wraths of Himalayan polymerization


Maleficent Esper destinies of polyester Nephilim


Autumn collage songbird of a rondo’s gelato


Spurring serpentine burgundy hurricanes


Epoch of glossy velociraptor doppelgängers


Intangible with the Magdalenes


Dangling hangman mandolins star-spangled banners brandishing amber dandelions


Growing forests born from the pores of pyres


Lyres spiralling choirs rhyming within the iris of a wildfire


Swaying mosaics in marmalade tornados


Cigarettes and newspapers spindle incendiary visionaries vicarious


Against the suede barricade, a prairie of fairies, marionettes of alstroemerias


Winding spiralling in a bouquet of DNA


My heart ticks


Keeping time


The band no longer plays


I still listen





© 2021 R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Author's Note

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
I promise I read every single review, and I generally will reply to them. I look forward to my next review, because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be happy to hear anything you feel needs sharing. Whenever you write on my shortcomings or breakthroughs, or the themes of my poems, or share ideas and friendly criticism, it decides my next poem to an extent. I will listen, learn and be thankful. And 99% of the time, you'll get a reply unless you're trolling me.

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I love those pictures along with your concept! Good Luck!

Posted 3 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

3 Months Ago

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. :)
Great writing, the pictures were scary!!

Posted 3 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

3 Months Ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
great story of an old myth,scary images to showcase the write,great job

Posted 4 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

4 Months Ago

Thank you!
This is great. I admire your originality and depth of vision. You have great artistic perception. Your words create many images. Painters could create wonderful paintings from your work.

Posted 4 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

4 Months Ago

Thank you, this is a work in progress still, but I like to think I'm improving with every poem. Just.. read more
Hello, Potato! :)
The first thing I did here was scroll through the images. The closing ones brought to mind the word Torment.
As I started reading, I remembered reading another of your writes. You have a recognizable style. I think I would enjoy listening to this while looking at the images, but my OCD won't let me read it. Its too imposing, and as I couldn't make out any progression in the first few lines, I became anxious and stopped reading. Ive seen some writers post Soundcloud recordings in their Author's Notes, and I think it would be great to listen to you read this.

Posted 4 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

4 Months Ago

Unfortunately, I won't be reading this out loud any time soon. I used to to visit poetry slams often.. read more

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