Average Idiot

Average Idiot

A Poem by SinnerInspired

to my one& only

I don't make the best grades
But baby I pray.
That you see past my flaws.
Just like I have seen past yours.
&I want you to know that as each day passes I can't help but love you more

We've been friends, lovers& each others hero's.
I saved you& you saved me.
From the villains inside us.
Baby we have history!

The moment we met, when our eyes connected.
Every cell in our body seemed to be attracted& draw us towards one another .
Once we touched hands, a smile seemed to form on our face.
Baby we've got chemistry!

You too my breath away& dear every time we were face to face.
I'd forget how to speak.
All I could do was smile; I feel like such a fool.
No word can really express how I truly feel about you.
Baby you make me forget how to speak English!

Well baby i'm not gonna lie.
I'm the worst at math.
Instead of drawing right angles i'd draw red hearts with our names inside.
I couldn't do long division.
But I knew we could both over come these long obstacles, though it was a mission.
Even if our problems have multiplied by a hundred& one.
It didn't scare me, I wasn't gonna run.
Lets subtract all the bad things.
Just in case you can't see.
We will get there soon baby be patient.

I know that 1 plus 1 is 2.
&if you add me to the equation.
It'll equal my eternal love for you.

Can you see it now?
Baby, i'm your Average Idiot.

Lots of mistakes
told you i'm the average idiot!

© 2013 SinnerInspired

Author's Note

hopes you like!

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Added on April 5, 2013
Last Updated on April 5, 2013
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Mid-City, CA

Hey im SinnerInspired im a poet Im not that good not that bad. I like writing, a lot! Message me if you'd like. Sorry if I don't get to all the read requests. But i'll try to get to each one as soon a.. more..