A Poem by SinnerInspired

Jealousy my friends....


I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach I feel the sweet stings of bees that let me see my ambitions,

I feel the sweet nectar jealousy coursing through my veins& rapidly making its way towards my heart.

With every step taken.

The need to be that person for you has become my only objective.

To be looked upon with love by those cream colored eyes

& be kissed goodnight.

With those crooked lying lips just like you do with her.

You my dearest prefer,

the worst.

But you deserve the best.

She laughs& twirls, wearing that white dress.

Your smile upon her reflects only love.

Her smile upon you reflects only greed.

I am impressed,

By how quickly this bee infected both of us.

A single thought of her being in my place burns like the heat of a thousand suns.

Tell me, my sweet, is this some sort of creed?

Created just for you& me?

Those who are meant to be,

will be ripped apart for eternity.

A slight sense of heaven, of what could be was ruined.

The church bells rings, you’ll soon exchange vows& form a union.

A union of husband& wife.

Hey, did you know wife rhymes with knife?

There’s a reason for that you know…

She won me just like shes always wanted

These flowers blossom

But my heart deteriorates

And everybody will receive you both with smiles& congratulate.

Forever& forever, was suppose to be you& I.

Didn’t I try?

You know I did, but when did I become so envious.

Jealousy, is what got it started…

It’s like embolus, an undissolved material carried by the blood infecting the vascular system

Baby, I love you, ever since we met

Now she takes hold of your hand

Goes around shopping with you for hours

You don’t mind because you love her,

those moments they were suppose to be ours….

All she cares about are clothing brands

Grow Old

Sometimes take a few strolls

Down the street

& repeat

I Love You

Those words we can never get tired of

Those words we can never forget to say

I know I wasn’t hallucinating

I know you weren’t pretending

It all happened so quick yet I knew when it was ending

Sometimes I spend my whole time hating

The woman who took my place

But there’s no point anymore the pain has already become a part of reality

I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach I feel the sweet stings of bees that let me see my ambitions

Loving you will be the end of my existence

© 2013 SinnerInspired

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Added on May 19, 2013
Last Updated on May 19, 2013
Tags: jealousy, nectar, forever, never



Mid-City, CA

Hey im SinnerInspired im a poet Im not that good not that bad. I like writing, a lot! Message me if you'd like. Sorry if I don't get to all the read requests. But i'll try to get to each one as soon a.. more..