Chapter 1- Abortion

Chapter 1- Abortion

A Chapter by Brian

The controversial abortion issue, told from both the liberal, conservative, religious, and medical view.

A Book On American Issues

In this book, I will attempt to address the issues facing our nation today, from abortion to foreign policy. In addition to that, I will also present both ideologies, conservatism, and liberalism, from social ideals to economic ideals. The book is meant to finally address the issues that some can not approach without some kind of verbal conflict. I think it’s time for the American people to sit down, and discuss things in a mature, polite and respectful manner without yelling out commies or fascists. That is just plain non sense and immaturity at work. I know that everyone will not agree with what I am preparing to write, and I’m not wanting everyone to agree because the best way is to learn, is for other people believing in the opposite ideology, to sit down and have a respectable talk so that you can gain some insight not only in your beliefs, but the beliefs of others. Some very hot topics will be discussed I this book, which I will keep very brief, and to the point.

Chapter 1- Abortion

Abortion, one of the most controversial issues facing not only Americans, but everyone on this planet. Every nation, if people believe it or not, has someone within that nation who are preparing to get an abortion, or have already had an abortion. The issue can be divided into liberalism vs. conservatism, and even religion vs. the medical field. I myself don’t really care if your for or against because opinion is just opinion, and no opinion is wrong no matter if someone’s logic is flawed because we are all flawed. However, I want to start with the liberal side of abortion, because it can be very broad at times. In the liberal beliefs in our nation, the liberals believe that everyone has a right, to be free, not to be controlled in any way. The liberals also believe that it is ones right to do what they want regarding their own body, because we are the masters of our body. The liberals point is that its better to legalize abortion, so every woman can get it, rather than banning it, and letting the women go get a wire clothe hanger, and doing a abortion themselves. As a prospective doctor, I really don’t want to see women in our nation getting a clothe hanger wire, and pulling it out themselves, because it is very unhealthy, and life threatening. Another point that the liberals have is that everyone woman has a right to do what she wants regarding to her baby. If she wants to keep the baby, then ok, but if she wants to get an abortion, the let her get an abortion because it is her right to do so. The liberals sometimes point to the conservatives about the right to own a gun, that a person has the right the purchase a gun, they may or may not use it to harm other people. Its just like abortion, you have a baby, you may or may not want to keep it. 
I’m a social conservative, but more of a moderate stance that I believe that abortions are only needed in a life threatening medical emergency, that in some cases, some women face the choice of having their baby and dying, or having an abortion and try having a baby later, or just adopting a child. Sometimes my academic beliefs run into my religious beliefs that I also believe that no matter what, if they woman chooses to have an abortion, then that is something that god and the woman must deal with. That we as humans can not dictate what so ever what we cannot control. As a man, I do not know how it feels to have a baby, nor I do not know how it feels to have to make a choice of keeping the baby, or having an abortion. I just don’t know, but that’s something that women and god must take care of, and we can not get in the way of that, no matter of our ideologies.
The ideology I want to talk about is conservatism. The conservatives believe that abortion is totally illegal, no matte what (at least that’s the conservative beliefs where I live). And that sometimes in the conservative side, the religious stance also comes into play. That it’s a sin to get rid of something that precious, something so innocent, and that it’s not the babies fault, but the two people who had to come together to make it happen. The conservatives also believe that if you don’t want to have a child, then keep the man’s car out of the woman’s garage (if you know what I mean). It takes two people, not one to make a child, and since they took the time and pleasure of making a baby, the least they could do is keep the child. In the conservative stance, my other belief come in and says that maybe the child you are trying to get rid of, maybe he/she will be a future prodigy, a future nobel prize winner who will solve something great in our world. Do you really want to get rid of something like that, long waited for, for decades, even centuries? My other belief comes in and says that if you don’t want the child, then put the baby up for adoption, because there are a lot of families who will be happy to adopt a child, because some women and men are not able to produce a child anymore.
Abortion is a hot topic in every generation, young and old. However the problem can only be fixed when both parties involved can come together like grown mature people to discuss this over the table, on the air, in front of the nation. It’s time to stop the bickering about who is right and who is wrong, because obviously, we don’t know who is right or wrong, that’s something god only knows. I was told once that I had a dumb way of thinking, and I replied to that person and I said “no opinion is dumb, every opinion is intelligent if people see it or not, calling liberalism dumb is something out ancestors would frown upon.” Liberalism vs. conservatism, religion vs. academics, all those ideologies are mixed within each other, so why bicker about who is right or wrong. I was told once that protesting a issue is a good thing, when, only it produces something rational, and peaceful, not radical and controversial.

© 2010 Brian

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I just have to say, Thank you. A lot of people don't even know we have a problem. I don't know everything, but I do watch someone called Glenn Beck, and I've told quite I few people that. Maybe you have heard of him?
I myself think if your stupid enough to get pregnant then you deserve to carry it, but... I also don't think it's right for children to be born and then not wanted... there are to many people in the world and about 20% are unable to work or don't want to work in the united states...

I myself don't think abortion is the largest problem right now...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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