"Needing Change"

"Needing Change"

A Poem by Sir_Anonymous

You know sometimes I think I am mentally unstable with how easy it is to feel like crap just after feeling like a king the other day... But here I am with Lyrical Venting.... Again

Life is feeling like it's moving at a snail's pace and i can't seem to sit still I'm just moving my feet tapping my finger to this solemn beat while all in the meanwhile just foolishly smiling in their face because i can't make it seem like i am about to run amok and cause a scene.

No time to look thoughtfully at the cup because no matter how i try it's still half empty... hey kinda like me... man i must say i have gotten better at this lyrical venting.

Not quite a master but maybe i am adept enough to no longer be so inept to not accept defeat... socially I'm still a little awkward but i gave enough effort to my inner core to not accept a poor excuse like “i was not the one” cause at this point there is none to what i do about this past.

No matter how much i may laugh or may haps cry about my life it isn't gonna change just because i had an emotional outburst at the very best it will only get worse… damn it man just let go!

Bit by bit i am losing it now i lost the will to quit while i was ahead of this curved downturn I'm no longer quite so sane but who is really a hundred percent right in the brain?

Who is there really to blame is it me? Or the fact of my external surroundings just constantly nagging me telling and yelling what i should could or would be able to do.

Trying to boost my ego and alter my appearance so i attract the attraction of a woman's attractive gaze that i so very much need cause i am tired of looking into a mirror and seeing a pitiful reflection of yours truly.

Alone ,eyes red and ill fed cause that man in the looking glass still had a mountain of personal questions to ask and he was fed up with all that uncertainty he was certainly any emotion but happy.

Yeah sure he would smile but that is just his guile doing the talking just mindlessly create the right emotion for the given situation at the time… but that man is going to become more than a sad rhyme for me to write.

He or more rather I still feels the compelling urge to competitively fight to win and eventually that once in a lifetime right will finally be mine and then his and my life will really begin … but first i must let this tragic tale finally end.

© 2017 Sir_Anonymous

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Added on November 10, 2016
Last Updated on January 2, 2017
Tags: Change, Self-esteem, Pitiful, Depressed, Personal Conflict



Austin, TX

I was once a teen who found himself feeling cornered in life where just about nothing was going right and could never really speak my mind this only pushed more towards the construction of this artifi.. more..