The Dieter to a Half-Eaten Gummi Worm

The Dieter to a Half-Eaten Gummi Worm

A Poem by Cat

A dieter's stream of consciousness after taking a bite of a gummy worm.


The Dieter to a Half-Eaten Gummi Worm

I’ve amputated your lemon-yellow tail
so your sour side will nevermore prevail.
What remains now, my dear geophile,
on your lips is your sweet, cherry smile.
--Or is that blood?
Oh God, don’t let me be a killer!
Let’s put sugar on the wound
where my saliva slips from flesh
that scabs with cheap Splenda.
Worm, why won’t you regenerate
your poor, abandoned limb?
Is this for my benefit
--keeping me slim?
Or is this some type of ruse
and you want me to buy more of you?
So that your army may one day rise
and dig in the tracts of my naive eyes?
I think not, my decrepit fiend!
Vile invertebrate, now my fangs intervene!
One-by-one, I’ll decapitate your allies
and lick my lips with each sugary demise.

Though little did I surmise

that you go straight to my thighs.

© 2012 Cat

Author's Note

Gummi is a brand, so that's why I've spelt it as such in the title. And yes, I looooove Gummi worms, but only the sour ones.

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Added on May 4, 2012
Last Updated on May 4, 2012
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