A Story by Enigma

Part 1

She looked at the tiny orbs of light decorating the suspended darkness of the night. She felt a chill as the night breathed it's silent song upon her lonely figure stretched on the bed. Lying face down, her eye glimpsed the surface of the bed which appeared too smooth, untouched and climbed back to the open window whose panes were left open.

"Because we thought that things would get hot", she thought with a smile.

She pulled up the thin quilt that hugged her form like a lover, possessive about his love, not wanting to let go of her presence. For only a moment, she felt conscious of her nakedness. But the penetrating silence and the pressing darkness relieved her and she felt liberated, from what exactly, she couldn't point out.

Night breathed over her again, as if sighing to behold a form which appeared unconsciously beautiful, unsullied by any disguises, proud in it purity and defiant in its presence. She realized the bizarre nature of her thoughts and tried to remember the moments that passed before she had fallen into the inviting arms of sleep.

To escape the chill, she contracted deeper into the thin sheet of cloth that covered her and stopped. A benumbing sense of shock, paralyzing her body as well as mind coursed through her veins. She felt the touch of warm skin on her exposed back. She did not move and her stillness allowed her to feel the mild movements of the warm thing that lay sprawled right by her side in her bed. A sense of strange and yet enticing suspense gripped her as she felt her body temperature rise but it settled into the warmth of familiarity as she started to recognize the shape and trace the features of a face she knew and probably loved. But she was unsure what it meant to love someone. And as the night dragged on, she felt the urge to face the questions which bubbled inside her head and test them against her mind, which felt unburdened and clear and confident.

With slow, laborious movements, she rearranged herself on his side and slowly, rested her left hand on his bare chest. It felt comfortably warm and she wondered how it would feel to have that warmth spread all over her body, shielding her frame against the tingling sensations of chill. She moved a little closer to him and rose herself. Her elbow sunk deep into the mattress as she rested her head on her hand to take a long look at his face. He eyes never had the courage to ponder over a face when it was awake because the eyes that stared back absorbed her deeper into themselves till she felt lost and disintegrated into a mere consciousness with no body to return to. Now that the other pair of eyes had retreated behind the closed lids, hers felt empowered to gaze mercilessly on his face.

Sleep had ironed the creases of his countenance. He seemed relaxed, nestled in forgetfulness away from the worries that strained him during his waking hours. It seemed that every tension of his body had dissolved and he lay there, bare, devoid of more than just his clothes. As her finger tips gently felt the unfamiliar area under them, her mind tried to imprint his image so that she would never forget this sight of him. It felt right for him to be at his side, enjoying unawares the absence of multiple shackles on his body as well as mind. The reality that they knew, the routine life that they lived together, miles away from each other, was slowly drawing farther away. It was only the night and its glittering orbs of light, the bed and him that occupied her mind. It felt wrong to think of anything but the present moment which made her incredulous, without the pangs of of her conscience to dilute the emotion.

She touched his face and moved her fingers, trying to construct a new image of this familiar face in her mind. She felt compelled to pass on the intimacy that her eyes shared with his face to her fingers and make them familiar with the lines and curves that made up a face burned into her mind and life.

[To Be Continued]

© 2013 Enigma

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I.could.feel.the.words.It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Great story telling. This did justice in the realm of getting the message across. Great message. There's lot of times where a story can have a great message to aim for, and have a lot of under lining things but then no one gets it, and if no one gets it, then the point has failed. But in my opinion this did well to get the message across. You made it clear, which is why I think it's good. Keep up the good work. What was also great was that I could imagine the story as I read it, and that is also a strong point of stories. The ability to have the reader imagine it because after all we're reading not watching it, but it was as if I was there as I read this, and that is great. Great visuals and great story telling. It had plot and substance. When you add substance to writing it gets that much better. It gets the reader hooked on it and make them feel as if they are part of it. As long as their is that emotional connection between the reader and the story then it's good. The connection you were able to established in the writing gives the reader a sense of comfortably that they are in tune with the writing. So that way when the writing is over, the reader wants more, and wishes it didn't end. I feel the same way when I watched a movie or tv series that I get so attached to, I never want it to end. And for this writing, I didn't want it to end. You had me hooked, and I am sure everyone else who read it was hooked as well. That is good, that is what you want for people to keep wanting more. The way you put the story together makes me feel like my life is different for that moment in which I read your story. I love it, and it was beautiful. Just keep posting stories like this, and you'll have a good following.

Posted 3 Years Ago

"pangs of conciousness to dilute her emotion" is my favorite line. its liberating. nice.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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