The funeral

The funeral

A Chapter by Dreamer

I woke up in dread of what the day brought, I didn't eat...couldn't keep anything down anyway.

I got dressed in black skinny jeans, a band tee-shirt, and a pair of my skateboarding shoes, the outfit I had been requested to wear. My mom drove me into town and dropped me off at the church that I had never stepped foot in and as after today as far I'm concerned I'm never stepping foot in that church again.


There was tons of people outside, all of them different but one person we all had in common was the reason why we were here. I try to avoid funerals if I can absolutely help it but I knew I couldn't miss this one...not my best friends'. I would feel forever guilty if I hadn't showed up. I was surrounded by lots of people, I didn't know half of them but yet I could still relate with their tears, their sadness.


A group of my friends were standing off to the side, all crying and hugging each other. So far, I had been doing pretty good of not crying but as soon as Joey hugged me and asked if I was ok, I lost it. Tears started streaming down my face and he held me.. I felt as someone had just punched my lungs and I couldn't breathe.


The time before the funeral seemed to go by slowly and in a blur, more hugs and tears... comforting one another.

I finally got up the nerve to walk up to the casket, Tristian's lifeless, cold body lying there. I held his hand that was always warm was now like ice, looking at him caused all the memories to pour into my head. Drew who had walked up there with me, couldn't take it any longer and grabbed my hand and pulled me away. Drew hugged me for a long time, his eyes filled with hurt, sadness, and tears.. It hurt me to see him like that.. I was used to the brave and strong side of Drew.


Once it was time for the funeral to start, I took a seat with my friends. I sat between Steven and James, I listened to the preacher, I listened to his sister read a letter she wrote to him. Then, it came time for silence... they played some of Tristian's favorite songs by the bands he liked such as Avenged Sevenfold, and Green Day. Once again.. tears started streaming down everyone's faces. Steven took off his glasses they fell to the floor, I rubbed his back and handed him a pack of tissues and picked up his glasses.


Finally, the funeral was over.. everyone got up and got up and formed a line to head up to the casket one last time to sign it. 'Smithey' couldn't even stand on his own.. so Ryan and I helped him to the casket, I held his shaking hand while he wrote his farewell to Tristian on the casket. After that, we all went outside... sat 'Smithey' on the curb and sat there with him,trying to comfort him.



© 2013 Dreamer

Author's Note

Not finished but I'd appreciate thoughts on what I have so far

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