-Insert poetic name here-

-Insert poetic name here-

A Poem by Skelasoldier

English project, expirementing with Metaphors and Similes


You are like a star in the sky

Your luster shines for all to see

Out of the billions, you are unique

Waiting for your moment, to fade


Like a brick wall you hold

Verbal attacks bounce off

The brick is your ambition

The mortar is your pride


You are a block of ice

Difficult to break and cold to touch

Slowly your willpower melts away

Turning yourself into a mess


Like a raindrop you fall

God's tear incarnated

Rapidly falling from your fantasy

Into this reality, just a stain on someones sleeve


Like a Pheonix rising from the ashes

You stand from your living grave

The powder on your nose a reminder

Of what you got away from


So now I wait

For that star to appear again

For that Brick wall to be rebuilt

For that block of ice to be refrozen

For that droplet of rain, to disappear

© 2010 Skelasoldier

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Absolutely mesmerized by the metaphors that you used. Each one conveyed the perfect image in my mind of this persons qualities. The end was a perfect summary as well. Keep it up! Hope you get a good grade for this project, best of luck.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on September 8, 2010
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