Chapter One: They, part one.

Chapter One: They, part one.

A Chapter by Skie blue.

They scream at each other for hours on end. Into the morning, and into the evening. Her eye liner is streaked down her red cheeks. Her mouth wide in a yell. Her hands were balled into a fist. Her heart was screaming in fury, her mind was sobbing in terror.
He lifted his hand to her, the sharp pain jolted down her body as she was slammed to the floor. 

It happens everyday. Every night.

He gets on her, grabbing her hands and pinning her to the floor, screaming at her in a rough voice. His spit reaches her face but she bites onto him. Bringing the blood, but it was useless.

Her body is screaming in pain from his actions. She's begging him to stop. But then she's left on the ground, he gets up, leaving her to go to his next girl. She drags her body to the bathroom. Slamming the door and cleaning herself up.
She hates this. She hates her life. 
More than once she's brought the blade to the tub. More than once she's felt the cold heart pressed against her head. Every time she fails. 
Every time she's too weak.

She's left there to cry in the tub. Screaming in hate at nothing. Raking her hands through her oily hair. A red mark across her cheek. Trapped. Unable to go away. She just wanted to fade away.
The sex was rough,
the alcohol had a bite.
The drugs went away too quickly and didn't come around fast enough. 

She sighs, defeated. Pulling up her jeans slowly standing on the filthy floor. She looks at the cracked mirror. Thank god. She doesn't want to see herself. 

The phone just keeps ringing. But she wants the person to answer. The only person that ever cared about her. The only person she ever cared about.

Her voice chants the quiet prayer. "please.. please..." 

She brings her legs closer to herself, putting her forehead on her knees. Finally the voice on the other end answers.


She breaks down crying then and there. She's not alone. not alone... not alone.. not... alone..

"H-Hi.. Hi.."
"What did he do this time?"
She stifles her sobs. Rubbing her red eyes.
"Please.. Can.. can you come here? I.. I don't want to.. I can't..."
She begged her. But it didn't take much. 
"Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm coming.. I'm coming. I swear to god your spending the night tonight. I'm not leaving you with that monster again." 

She breaks down in sobs again over the phone. Listening to the soothing words of the other girl she knew so well. 
"Thank you..."

© 2014 Skie blue.

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every night, these things probably happen to people at times, but the body has its limitations, seems like it will have a bitter end for sure at one point here or several though it doesn't have to have certain number perhaps

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Skie blue.
Skie blue.

Hello everybody. Listen, I've gone through a pretty bad place over the last couple of weeks. I'm not going through detail but it's slowly getting better. So, I really am going to try to get on more fr.. more..