Three words

Three words

A Poem by Skie blue.

It was only three words.
Three words that made the curse.
It made her cry and it made her scream.
Now nothing is of peaches and cream.
She stepped back from me and screamed at me no.
Told me I'm lying, told me you know.
I held her closer, my heart in my hand.
I told her my soul was hers. I told her she can't.
I told her I gave her
My heart and my soul.
I told her I wanted her
Until the day we were old.
I told her I wanted family.
I told her I would give the world.
She cried on my shoulder.
She cried on my sleeve.
She told me she couldn't.
That she wasn't for me.
She said it was wrong.
That it just wasn't right.
She ripped my heart, and left it in my sight.
I cried at her then. I begged her to stay.
I told her then that our gender didn't fray.
The classic man loves a woman was so cleshay.
Our souls are the same gender, either way.
She laughed at me then. She hugged me so tight. 
I laughed at her sobbing. She hid her face from the light.
Puffy red lips. Softer than silk.
Her skin was so pale, it looked like fresh milk.
I held her closer to me. I held her in my arms.
I knew this was my place to stay.
To keep her from harm.
I told her it again. The simple three words.
She crashed her lips against mine. They were so heard.
It made me cry, when she returned the few saying.
For just simple words
Can make or break saying.
Three simple words. So simple and so deep.
I whispered them to her, in the middle of her dreams.
I would say it again. and again and I would.
Because I care for this person.
With what we share, we could.
We could do anything. Anything at all.
All through the next nights we had a ball.
Finally we were drop dead tired, I pushed her on the bed.
I whispered to her, and she rested her head. 
She fell asleep in my arms, the warm glow in my chest...
I couldn't stand my feelings for her. It's all for the best.
Such simple words can have such deep meaning.
Just three 
Simple words.
i love you

© 2014 Skie blue.

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Wow! Amazing poem and a great ending. When I came out my best friend pushed me into the wall and called me a hurtful name and she walked out of my life as my friend forever. This poem reminded me of that moment... I think you did a great job capturing your moment in this poem!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on November 23, 2014
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Skie blue.
Skie blue.

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