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A Poem by LadyInk

Its important never to let hurtfull things stop you from living your life and stop you from seeing who really does care...


Whats new to you

might not be to me

i was black and blue

you just didn't see


you were surprised

couldn't believe

accused me of lies

told me to leave


it took you some time

to realize the truth

couldn't escape the rhyme

there was just too much proof


you offered sympathy

and open arms too

i didn't care for your pity

wouldn't let you see me through


I couldnt stay

and doubted that YOU would

so i ran away

as far as i could


now time has passed

and i dont know how much is left

i regret at last

i wish i never left


This is to let you know

you were the only one to see.

im sorry i let you go

and i wish that every bloom that blooms anew

repeats softly the words I LOVE YOU...



© 2013 LadyInk

Author's Note

Help me get better, say anything!!

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Very interesting :) I think it's apparent that this poem is about someone who really care about, but I'm trying to figure out if it was a love interest or a family member. Also, I like how there's no real details given as to WHY you are 'black and blue', it adds a hint of mystery. :) I think if you improved the grammar, and punctuation, it would look more appealing to a reader, you know, a lot of people judge books by their covers, some people might see the roughness of it and think 'Oh, it won't have any thought put into it', but it's obvious that there certainly WAS thought put into this after reading it. It'd be a shame to lose potential readers over silly mistakes like that. :) Either way, very well done c':

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks you very much for the review, I'm correcting it now :P ( I'm starting with the original so th.. read more

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1 Review
Added on January 21, 2013
Last Updated on February 4, 2013




Im 15, i love writing and i want to get better at it... Im looking for people who will give me construtive criticism and who'll inspire me. I tend to think that what makes someone good at what they .. more..


A Poem by LadyInk