Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Sunny Skye

"I was going to tell you" said Yasmin.
"Yeah, when next year?" said Kyle.
"No, tomorrow I was just looking for a way to tell you" said Yasmin sadly.
"The easiest way to say it is am a vampire: said Kyle.
"I might be dead but i still have feelings" said Yasmin sadly and mad.
"Yeah, i don't know what feelings" said Kyle.
"You know whatever, jerk.I don't even know how I fell for you!" said Yasmin then I rushed out running.

       I was so pissed off. How was I supposed to know he knew that vampires exsisted. To tell a human that your a vampire
that's a delicate subject expecially if it's someone you love.I wanted to go back trust me but I wasn't sure he would understand.
He knew where I usually went to calm down and relax if he wants me back or knows any better he would come here and apologize.
But me knowing him he would probably not come because he might want to prove his tough or that I'll go back crawling and begging
to take me back but if he is thinking that then he doesn't know me at all.
      I fell asleep at the lake house which is where i go to relax or calm down when i'm mad. I know vampires don't sleep but we have
the option, i sleep to kill time and hunger. I always dream about this guy and I always feel like I know him but I've never seen him and
 I have no idea why I dream about him; his name is David his a vampire he looks seventeen like me but I'm way older amthree-hundred
sixty-two and his three-hundred fourty-two am twenty years older than him which now that I think about it am not that much older
than him. It's crazy how many things we have in common like we were the same age when we were turned into vampires, were
like vegetarians because we don't drink human blood we only drink animal blood, we both like street dancing, sneakers, drawing graffiti
and music. It's like if we were ment to be together I just hope he's real and even better if he attends the new school I'm going to
attend this year I would be so happy.
      I miss Kyle so much already we always spent all our time together but I'm not going back I'll rather be alone then with a jerk. I
started to curl up my hair and got some ayeliner to make my eyes pop and a little bit of lip gloss. I didn't really used that much makeup I
was already beutiful because I'm a vampire, vampires are awesomely gorgeous and hot so I didn't try so hard.
      I went out to the woods and looked for some bears I was really hungry so hungry I could drink up every drop of blood that three
bears had and leave them completly dry inside. But I wasn't so cruel I just drank a little bit of the poor animals and cured them with my
healing powers I don't want any animal to get extint because of me and plus they're so beutiful. Finally, I caught a bear I drank a little bit
of it's blood and then healed it and let it free it looked like I've never fed off him.
      Wow. Time left so quickly it was already Monday. I went back home which home was a mansion next to the woods. I went straight
to the third floor which I turned the whole hird floor into basiclly a small mall. I put on a white tanktop and a black see-through blouse then
white and gold skinny jeans and black,white and red jordans they're worth five-hundred dollars which everyone whho ever saw them
freaked but they're my breakdown shoes so I didn't care. I put on a pair of real gold earrings with my name on them and gold braccelets
on and left for school. I got in my glitterly white and gold mustang and drove to school. I loved this car it was my dream car, it was white
and it has my name spelled on the side, style graffiti the color was gold and red and two gold stripes on the front. Once I got to school
I was looking for where I could park and all of the sutton everyone stared at me and the boys started checking out my car. When I found
a spot I parked my car and got my fancy backpack and stepped out the car.
        Every single boy in the parking lot was surrounding me and asking about my car and if I was single or rich I didn't answer any of the
questions I had my eyes on a boy that looked just like David.

© 2012 Sunny Skye

Author's Note

Sunny Skye
Hope you like the first chapter give me as much feedback as possible I really want this to be good.

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A very good start to the story. A bear is a strong animal. This must be a powerful vampire. I like the conversation and the many good situations in this chapter. A excellent opening chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Sunny Skye
Sunny Skye


I want to read some stories please send me mail about your stories and I will check it out as soon as I receive your message. I have been writting since i was 10 and i really enjoy it. I love w.. more..