chapter two

chapter two

A Chapter by Sunny Skye

I thought i should walk up to him but I didnt I went straight to the shcools office to get my schedule. But one thing I was sure about  was that, that was definatly David I would remember those brown eyes and dark hair anywhere expecially his face. The weird thing was hat he was also in shock. He was also starring at me the same way I was starring at him.

When the women at the office finally attended me i compelled her to give me the same schedule as David I wanted to be as close to him as possible. I wanted to meet him finally this is what I wanted any way.

The lady did as I said and my First class was algebra with Mr.Velez. Well I just hoped for the best. While I walked to my locker to leave my backpack I noticed everyone starring at me it was so awkard. I just smiled back but the boys looked like they were going to melt.

I finally got to my locker and David was there so I was about to pop the question whe he said:


-"Yeah. I'm David" said David.

-"How did you know" asked Yasmin.

-"because I also dream about you you're Yasmin right?" said David.

-"Yeah." said Yasmin.

-"I have so much to say to you" said David.

-"So do I" said Yasmin with a smile.

Then David smiled back.


-"So, I heard you have the same classes as me" said David.

-"Yeah." said Yasmin.

-"Oh and by the way they stare at you because you are gorgeous and I talk about you a lot." said David.

-"Well that's a relief" said Yasmin.

-"So, since I've been waiting for you since ever and I know you're a terrific dancer wanna join me and my crew LAK" asked David.

-"Sure. But don't we have classes." asked Yasmin.

-"Yeah but you already repeated this grades all your 362 years right" said David.

-"True" said Yasmin.

-"So, since we already know the material we could attend class when they have a test" said David.

-"Great idea" said Yasmin.


David and I walked to an underground room under a nightclub. When you stood infront of the clubs door you could hear the dancers foot steps. I guess it's just an echo.

When we took the elevator down to the last floor I felt like David was starring at me but I didn't ask.

When we arrived to the last floor, when the elevator doors opened all I saw was a Group of vampires.


-"Wow! If we signed up for a competition it would be cheating" Yasmin said laughing.


Then David laughed.


-"I never thought of it that way. So, I guess we're cheating" said David.

© 2012 Sunny Skye

Author's Note

Sunny Skye
not finished this chapter yet but im getting to it.

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A very good chapter. I like the discussion about education and the description of the club. A lot of possibilities for this story. I look forward to see where you are taking this tale. A very good chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Sunny Skye
Sunny Skye


I want to read some stories please send me mail about your stories and I will check it out as soon as I receive your message. I have been writting since i was 10 and i really enjoy it. I love w.. more..