A Chapter by Sydney Love

Destruction hits the Demise Tribe.





Chief Nini sat on a woven mat. He was day dreaming of what it would be like for his daughter to be sent away to be married. A shiver ran through his body as a gust of wind blew around him, lifting his long tangled hair. Chief Nini’s eyelids opened revealing his dark eyes. He was back in his Moose-Tail house. Chief Nini exited the tent, and his beady black eyes looking over his tribe.

Little ones were playing with ducks and using them as planes. The young was cooking and some were searching for food. The old were telling stories and huffing on their Cigars. The old used Majik to project pictures in water and smoke to tell the great stories of the village, Demise.

Everything seemed as it was supposed to be. The Balance was not leaning or tilting. Chief Nini felt powerful to be able to take control and run the tribe his own way.

Not far from Chief Nini, was Ello Marks, who shared the blood of the Demise Tribe and the Elf Village. Ello was searching all over the lands in his mind. Looking over Dragon Cave Island to Volcano Imp Island. Nothing strange was going on.

There was a disturbance in the air. Everyone looked up at the blue sky. Exchanging of looks and whispers filled the silent air. The old began holding their children. Some let their Cigars fall out their mouths and hit the luscious green grass. A hard gust of wind hit the tribe making their Moose-Tail homes almost fly off the grounds. Leaves flew everywhere, the Central Fire had blown out, hats and wigs made of animal had been carried away by the strong winds.

“Mama, the water is gone.” a child squealed.

The old and the young looked at the river. It was completely bare. A gasp rose and flowed over the crowd of the Demise Tribe.

“The river has been raped!” one of the old screamed. “How will we drink?”

Others nodded in agreement. More chat passed through the tribe.

“How will I wash the clothes? We need to bathe as well!” another one of the old said.

“We bathe in that water?!” one of the young gasped. “We drink that water. Gross,”

Chief Nini felt weak. How could this happen? Who did this? Chief Nini knew if he didn’t come up with something the tribe will vote him off as chief. He couldn’t lose power. Not now, not ever.

“Chief Nini,” one of the young pulled on Chief Nini’s pants. “…we’re going to die, aren’t we?” A frown appeared on the young ones face.

Chief Nini was silent. “No, young one. We’ll find someone to fix it.”

Ello had opened his eyes. His long dark hair covering his eyes, his pale lips opened as he began to speak. “Someone has taken five of the Glow Sphere’s. Out of water, earth, wind, fire, darkness, moons, -”

Chief Nini had gotten annoyed by how Ello kept going on and on. “We get it, Ello. Which elements were taken?” Chief Nini asked. The young child looked eager to know.

“The same old five. Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Darkness.” Ello shrugged. Ello’s giant pointed Elf ears turned a slight pink because of the sudden temperature drop.

“Impossible.” one of the old wheezed. “No one can touch the Glow Sphere’s! Unless you are…Evernight Dim Ness…” Everyone was quiet at the end of the old ones explanation. Only the wind was talking.

“No one speaks of Edn!” Chief Nini hissed. “He has been killed!” Chief Nini was in fact petrified of the thought of Edn. He had heard stories of how frightening Edn was and how Edn killed everything and everyone in his path. Edn was the master of night, fear itself, darkness’s leader, apocalypse, Grim Weepers worst nightmare, the king of nightmares, ruler of the DarkZone, immortals rajah! He was Death itself.

“He has returned, Chief Nini.” Ello reported softly. “Edn, will rule once more and take over.”

“You do not see that in your visions, Ello. Edn, does not exist.” Chief Nini huffed.

“What’s that in the sky?” one of the young pointed.

Everyone looked up and panted, some fainted onto ground. “The Mark of Edn.” Ello looked in awe. He wasn’t surprised but, feeling little hope that the world will get out of this. The Mark of Edn was made of clouds. The Mark was skull and the letter ‘X’ around it. Around the skull were swords. A clash of thunder echoed in the air, as lightning followed behind filling the sky with light and terror. Rain hit hard like rocks. The rain knocked out a little one who was soon picked up by an old one. The winds picked up speed swallowing all who were in its grasp. Screams and yells were shared. Even blood was splattered on the grass.

“…Who will save us now?” Chief Nini whispered as he was pulled away into the trees for safety.

Ello nodded as he followed Chief Nini. He was waiting for the Saviors to come…but, they hadn’t been heard of in over two decades.

© 2010 Sydney Love

Author's Note

Sydney Love
You may think this doesn't go with the story. It does. I will be writing chapter one, soon. I hope. I am a confusing writer so, if anything sounds weird then tell me. Harsh critisism is fine just not too harsh...! If I use bad grammar forgive me. Also, it's not Chief NINI it's pronounced Chief Kneeknee, okay? Anyway, if there are any spelling errors be a hero and tell me. In this prologue, you won't connect to any of these characters. If you do, wowzers! Anyway, you can care for the characters but, don't get attached. There are PLENTY more from where the characters came from. It's a prolouge, remember? It's how it all started.

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Definitely attention grabbing.You left me with plenty of questions. Can't wait to see where you go with this.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A compelling read. I love how the suspense starts reight away and we get to know a little bit of the characters. I am definitely wanting to know what happens next. A nice a cliffhanger, but it is a prologue after all. :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Sydney Love

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