The Art beyond Art

The Art beyond Art

A Poem by SleepingDragon

Black without & blacker within

Emotions gather like a tempest

Cathartic burning all restraints

Feelings loosed upon the world


A few words scratched on paper

Blade to the heart, drawing tears

Wisdom etched in bark of trees

Illumination drawn from nature


Her fount lies open to the world

Baring secrets few ever discover

Creation an immersive canvas

Primal muse, mother of all art


Of all her works I cannot speak

For more lie beneath the earth

A mere node in a colossal mine

Brimming with all her treasures


There is beauty in our world

Even in the clay and marble

Would that we could see it all

To taste the art beyond art


These few words of mine

Not sufficient to describe

Even had I all men’s speech

True meaning would elude me

© 2020 SleepingDragon

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I really could follow the flow of ideas here
Art is emotive
like opening that locked up chest within your heart
Its all out in the open

Very Expressive poem !!

Posted 1 Week Ago

This one has an almost Shakespearean sound to it. The speaker seems to expound upon a level of creativity that may be beyond the levels of humans to comprehend at this point in our evolution. I think we are getting into the realm of the spiritual here.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on May 22, 2020
Last Updated on May 22, 2020