Chapter Two- Charlie

Chapter Two- Charlie

A Chapter by Hingabe

The point of view changes into Charlie Carison's. Charlie finds Miranda on the beach, and takes her to their village.

Charlie trotted through the woods delicately.  He had always loved the woods, and he had no idea why.  Maybe it was the fresh smell of pine, or the coverage that is provided.  
He and all the tribal warriors had their daily search of their villages boundaries.  If the Morrison tribe was in violation of the treaty, they would know.  If anyone from either tribe passed the boundaries armed, war would most likely break out.  The treaty would be broken.  And that's what the soldiers were here for.  To protect their loved one's. 
Charlie, Marcus, and David were assigned to the beach and the Big Rock.  A place where both tribal leaders would meet every month.  They separated twigs an large branches covered with spider webs.  
He hit the sand with his left foot, hoping they would catch some action today.  He stepped fully unto the sun, making his tan, muscular body look even tanner.  His pitch black hair fell in front of his eyes, but he quickly swept it to the side.  He had to be on high alert.  Something was here.  Muscles on reflex-action, he tensed, the heat making him sweat like crazy. 
"What is that?"  Marcus asked.  He was a pale boy, but extremely tall.  Around six-foot-eight.  He was the fastest warrior, and the bravest.  He had lost his wife in a cross fire the day the treaty was signed, two hours before it had took effect.  Now, he was a little to shooting-happy.  Crazed with revenge is what Mr. Kabul had said.  A danger.
Charlie squinted his eyes, trying to see in the blazing light.  It looked vaguely human, a female probably.  He lowered his bow, he hadn't realized he had raised it.  "Hello?" he asked, shouting across the stretch of beach.  
The shape turned around and jumped up.  She wasn't much of a fight, but the fear in her eyes was unmistakable.  That made people dangerous.  "Hello," she replied, unusually calm.  Her voice quavered a little bit, but she stood up straight.  She didn't look like a Morrison.  Her skin was snowy white, with light brown hair, and soft green eyes.  "Where am I?" she asked.  
"On Earth, of course, in Hendmore."  
"There's no such place as Hendmore,"  She said.  But she seemed to know what we were talking about.
Charlie immediately knew what had happened.  There was another stranger.  But he could tell she hadn't come willingly.  This had happened one other time, when a boat would crash at the perfect time, and the seemingly innocent passenger would wake up here.  Some of the people wanted to come, to escape the reality of the Earth.  
"Oh, okay, well, ummmm... are you people friendly?" She asked, seemingly unafraid of us.  
"Yes, we are friendly, but if you stay here, you will meet people that are not friendly, would you like to come with us?"  Charlie asked.  He looked at the girl-she was really beautiful-but she also looked strikingly familiar.  
She nodded her head.  
"What's your name?" Asked David.  
"Miranda West," she said.  
Miranda.  Charlie had heard that name before.  Mrs. Kabul kept on babbling on about her.  But, there were hundreds among thousands of Miranda's in the world.  It couldn't be that one.  
Charlie held out his hand, trying to act friendly.  Miranda took it willingly, and leaned heavily against his muscular shoulder.  She was hot, in that sense, and in the fact that she was just warm.  She has had too much sun exposure, she needed medial attention right away.  
They all started walking back to the village, it was rule number 13.  If you found a stranger on the island, you take him or her back immediately to the village.  
"So how exactly did you get to Hendmore?" Charlie asked.
"Well, my boat crashed, and my friends... They, they died.  There was so much blood in the water."  Tears started to drain down her delicate face.  "I survived, and fell asleep on the boat.  And then I woke up."  She stuttered, unable to keep her tears from streaming down her face.  Charlie lifted up his arm and started to rub her back.  
Miranda smiled up at him.  She really was charming to look at.  Her weight became heavy and she stopped walking.  She slid down Charlie's arm and hit the ground.  She hit her head on a nearby log.  Within seconds, all three boys were down on their hands and knees to look at the elegant girl on the ground.  
"Heat stroke,"  confirmed David.  "She needs medical attention right now." Charlie lifted her onto his tee-shirt clad shoulders and started to run.  They ran for two miles, struggling to keep their footing.  The sun started to set, and if they didn't get to the village by nightfall, they would all be the same thing as dead meat.  
Charlie had to save her.  They have only known each other for a few hours, trekking through the woods, but he felt a strong sense of protection for her.  She was already important to him.  
They cleared through the path, hitting the outskirts of the settlement.  The doctor's house was in the middle of the community, for easy access.  The children looked at the warriors questioningly as they walked past their houses.  The market was bustling with people waging and trading their goods.  
Marcus ran forward and opened the gate to the medical hut, followed by Miranda in Charlie's arms, and David following.  
"Mr. Kabul!  Mr. Kabul!"  Marcus yelled.  A middle-aged man with a lively expression came through the curtains on the left-hand side of the brick and mud house. 
"What do we have here?"  He asked.  Looking at the girl, his expression quickly changed.  "She looks familiar, doesn't she?" He had a quizzical look on his face.
They all three nodded in unison.
"Well then, let's get started." Mr. Kabul spoke in his hoarse voice.
Charlie laid her down on the white cot, and made a subtle stoking of her face.  She was the most attractive person ever!  How could a dear like this end up here?  But he had to stay away from her.  Someone of her beauty and grace couldn't possibly want to be in love with someone like him.  He was unworthy.  Why get his hopes up?  He was just a lowly fighter, and she was the equivalent to some queen.  
Mr. Kabul must've sensed his protective air around Miranda, because he spoke in a firm voice.  "I will take good care of her.  Now go, you must eat, do not worry yourself.  She will be okay."
Charlie reluctantly straightened his back and walked out.  Making sure to add emphasis on every footstep.  Just to show that he did not want to leave.  He walked toward the mess hall, his every thought focused on Miranda and her safety.  As soon as he was done eating, he would check back in on her again.  
He promised her that.

© 2010 Hingabe

Author's Note

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